January 15, 2021

Alejandra Amarilla- Nash is Steve Nash’s Ex-wife

Los Angeles Laker’s star Steve Nash a doting father of his three children, in love with his young girlfriend and involved in a waging a legal war with his ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla to stop her from  relocating in Los Angeles with their three children, very weird, why is that?

Steve Nash and Alejandra Amarilla’s divorce was one of the weirdest and full of nasty rumors we have heard, he was cheating on her while pregnant with their third child, when she gave birth he filed for divorce, then it was said she cheated on him with  former Suns player Jason Richardson, now playing in Orlando and that Mateo Alejandra’s son was black.

Ok, not entirely true, here are some real facts:

* Steve was cheating on Alejandra with some 22 year-old girl.

* The affair began while Amarilla was pregnant.

* He did filed for divorce a day after Mateo was born in 2010.

* Alejandra Amarilla was not having any affair with Jason or anyone.

* Mateo Nash is not black and looks exactly like his father Steve Nash.

Why does Steve doesn’t want Alejandra, their twin daughters Lola and Bella and son Mateo to move to Cali is for sure odd, he did said he was happy to play with the Lakers so he can be close to his kids, so isn’t having them in Cali even better?

Neither Nash or Amarilla’s reps have commented of that matter but TMZ implies that child support in California is higher that in Arizona,  in the meantime he is getting legal help to prevent Alejandra to move and she hired top attorney to fight him back in Arizona and L.A.

Alejandra Amarilla and the point-guard got married in 2005, their  twin girls Lola and Bella were born on October, 2004, Mateo was born on November, 2010.

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