September 22, 2020

Alexandra del Pilar- Manti Te’o’ Ex-Girlfriend After Lennay Kekua Hoax

We all heard about Manti Te’o hoax, was he involved, is he really a victim,  whatever happened there Manti’s career in the NFL could be in jeopardy, he recently broke his silence and said he is innocent the hoax also cause him his breakup with his current girlfriend Alexandra del Pilar

Alexandra del pilar manti te'o girlfriend pics

According to Manti Te’o he had nothing to do with his dead girlfriend hoax, he was the victim in the whole thing, his career could end just like that and who knows if any girl would date him now, after all just before the scam became public his girlfriend at the moment Alexandra del Pilar dumped him after just two months.

Manti says, “I wasn’t faking it. I wasn’t part of this.”

Those were some of the words by Te’o, who said he was pretty shocked when on December 6th, just three months after Lennay Kekua’s allegedly died to Leukimia it was her voice who told him she was still alive, never had leukimia and she is not really Lennay.

He never met Lennay Kekua in person, (certainly) and after he was done mourning her, he moved on.

Manti started dating 21-year-old Alex del Pilar a stunning communications student at Saint Mary’s college who broke up with him after he became too withdrawn after the fake Lennay called grim, and just before the hoax became public.

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Alexandra del pilar manti te'o girlfriend-picAlexandra del pilar manti te'o girlfriend_pic

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