October 1, 2020

Alissa Zandy Pavano is Carl Pavano Wife

Minnesota Twins and his family were victim of extortion last week, when a former high school classmate from Southington claimed he and Carl had an intimate relationship, he contacted Pavano sister, what do you think Pavano’s wife Alissa Zandy Pavano thinks of all this? Who is Carl Pavano’s wife? She is stunning and this is what we know about her.

carl Pavano wife alissa Pavano

As  we mentioned previously Christian Bedard contacted Carl Pavano’s sister Michelle DeGennaro as demanded for Carl to apologized and send him a Land Rover or else he will reveal about the intimate relationship they had for a couple of years, certainly this kinds of claims can make any wife mad to the core, but how is Carl Pavano’s beautiful and sexy wife taking all of this?

There has not been any comments from the Pavano family, however I doubt that Alissa Pavano would bother to even think about these false statements about her hubby.  so moving on to our next subject.. Alissa Zandy Pavano and all we can find about her..

Alissa Zandy or Alissa Pavano comes from an Italian family , she was born in Jupiter, Florida on July 28th, 1983. When Alissa was performing in the school play The Nutcracker she realized she would love to get involve in the world of entertainment, but as a good girl, she had to fulfill her college studies first so, she enrolled at Florida State University and got her Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and Biology in 2005, now it was time for entertainment so she chose /the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in West Palm Beach.

Alissa Ann Zandy participated  in the FHM Magazine’s Miss South Florida Contest in 2006,  that same year she auditioned for the Latin version of Dancing With The Stars, hosted Body Beam Infomercial at Universal Studios in Orlando and appeared in the photo-shoot for Island Heat Clothing.

Alissa and Pavano began dating in 2006, they got married on December 14th, 2011 in Palm Beach, Mrs. Zandy Pavano became a mother of her son Anthony Carl in November 15th, 2008 and  for the second time to her daughter Presley Mara on October 24, 2009.

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Scroll down for a video feauturing Alissa Zandy hosting a event a few years ago.
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