October 19, 2020

Amanda Holt- Jonathan Holt’s Wife

Jonathan Holt’s wife Amanda is devastated in disbelief and horrified by the things her husband is being accused of, worst of all is that he already accepted he kidnapped, sexually abused and killed Whitney Heichel

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When Amanda Holt’s husband Jonathan was arrested of killing their neighbor 21-year-old Whitney Heichel, she deleted her Facebook account and went into hiding, not because she has something to be ashamed of, after all she is a victim of her husband, but because of the pain she is living in right now.

You can read more about Jonathan Holt’s wife Amanda here.

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  1. What is she ashamed of? Does she know something? The police need to go to her and interview. She perhaps knows what the motive is for the killing.

  2. How would you feel if you were betrayed by your mate? the person you loved and thought you turned out all to be fake. How dare you assume she knows something!!! she is a victim of this too and not only did she lose a friend when whitney was killed but she was betrayed by her husband, She deserves to be shown respect by everyone and understand that she is probably having a hard time coping. the people who make it harder are people like you who try and make everyone elses life hell. but the evidence isnt enough for a person with only a single braincell like you.

  3. You are the one who’s showing disrespect. No one can justify it. Where was Amanda for the first few days since Whitney’s disappearance? Did she notice that something was strange about her husband, like the other neighbor did? Just because you’re a victim doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your Facebook page. Right from the Internet, friends could comfort you. This is why I assume she knows at least something.

    The way it looks in the pictures of Clint and Whitney, he’s not just awake, but outdoors. In Whitney’s Facebook, she tweeted one of her friends, saying that he was all day doing nothing, I think. When Clint said that Whitney kissed him goodbye, blah blah blah, it confirms this. Since he was unemployed, why wasn’t he in the field ministry? Why isn’t he well-shaven in the videos. Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t really like this, especially when on camera. He would have said about the hope of the resurrection if he was really zealous. He also would have gone to last Sunday’s meeting, despite his grief. I am a young youth, more than 5 years younger than Whitney, and also JW. It is saddening to know that she won’t be his wife when she is resurrected, and saddening that she won’t have children. Jesus said in reply to the Sadducees that the dead are not going to be given marriage, nor will they marry, but just as the angels are in heaven.

    I can tell you are not a Witness, because it is inappropriate to use “hell” regardless. But please, when you read something, ask what the person means before taking in a misunderstanding. There is nothing Holt can do to Amanda, so why go in hiding? Whitney’s family said that Mr. Holt was an, in quotation of what they said, an “irregular attendee,” so he is not a Witness like a few sites said he was. Nothing at all is much said about Amanda or what she has to say. I do not know her, but there is an inconsistency here itself.

  4. Krissy,

    Your comments show a lack of tact and are extremely judgmental. Please think before you decide to share them on the Internet. If you’re spouse had been murdered, or if you were the spouse of the accused and read these comments, it would be extremely hurtful and damaging to read your comments.

    Of course the police will be interviewing the wife of the accused – the news report never said she was hiding from police. She took down her facebook page to maintain some privacy in a difficult time. And no doubt she is receiving comfort from friends and family.

    And how dare you judge someone and ask why they weren’t at a congregation meeting the week after the murder, question why they are unshaven or ask why someone wasn’t in the ministry if not at work. These are personal decisions – you are suggesting bad motives to innocent people. You sound like a Pharisee.

    If you are a teenager, as you say then you have a lot of life experience to gain.

  5. It’s hard to understand why people are taken from us as hard it’s to find out that you are married to a evil person… People make mistakes even more under extrem circumstances; we are not perfect you should know that krissy there’s not reason to judge Amanda holt for what she did with her FB page there’s not evidence that connect her with the crime committed by her husband but I’m sure if her FB page would be available people would be posting awful things in her time line I don’t think that would be fair. Whitney don’t deserve all that happened to her neither in we our sadly affected by this tragedy, because when one of the member of our family suffer we suffer as well. Talking about Clint it’s no nice either you obviously haven’t loss a love one in death yet other way you would know there are days that you don’t want to see others or maybe you just want to be alone with your pain or it’s hard to get out of your pjs in this pain can be more devastated if the cisrcunstances are so terrible like in this case. It’s here when we our play a very important part by encourage one in other with tender love and affection with support, and caring for or brothers and sisters in need… Sometime with just have to be well inform before give our opinion in a matter so we don’t sound judgemental … Clint has a very sensitive skin this its the reason why he let his hair grow between meetings so his skin will not crack all over, just because you heard about withney leaving early in the morning to work when his husband still at home doesn’t mean that he was unemployed if that was the case what different those it make I know many sisters that have to work because the husband have lost the job and you don’t know if that day he was feeling good or no to be out in service everyone have different circumstance. Many brothers and sisters spen a lot of time and the ministry in that’s very commendable but there are others that are not able of do the same only Jehovah knows and he is the only one who we may answered to… Its very commendable that a young person like you show knowledge and stand up for your belief just let the Heichel and Ritmiller family to ask the question and as a spiritual young person that your sound to be use your brotherly love to support Whitney husband and her family and not point out defects on them.

  6. Wow Krissy. I never and I do mean never write posts online. When I read your post I was so taken aback. You did not have to tell anyone you were younger than poor Whitney. It was more than obvious that your words were written by a young and very immature girl. To judge Clint especially????? As a Witness, I literally cringed at your words. As Luke 6:42 reads you may need to pull the giant rafter out of your eye, before trying to remove the straw from someone else’s. I have never been through anything remotely what Clint Heichel is going through. I honestly do not know how you get out of bed each morning and even function. The what ifs have to continue to play through your mind. Yes, we have the resurrection hope, but as Clint said “he bet on forever.” Krissy, you better think really hard about the things you say and their reflection on Jehovah. Your parents have obviously been slacking on monitoring your Internet use. I really hope you never have to experience something so horrific in this system of things the way Whitney’s family has, but if you do maybe it will make you judge others a little less harshly.

  7. Your comment was extremely offensive and if u are a true christian witness like you say u are should think before posting something like that . You can tell you are very young and immature and have a lot of growth ahead of you… You really should consider what Jehovah and your parents would think about your hurtful and inappropriate comment..

  8. Friends, Consider what we have been taught at Jehovah’s House of Worship, that there are many things that we might not understand presently, but time will reveal the answer and also our spiritual understanding and experience will help us cope with what we are all feeling for this tragedy.

    remember this week that we considered the disciple Stephen and the result of his tragedy.

    remember too that one individuals action can affect many and especially mar Jehovah’s name.

    Each of us are handling this tragedy according to our own spiritual maturity and experience. If there are ones that are not able to handle this situation and are in need of comfort, and have questions and sooo many questions about what ifs…please talk to your elders. or pray to Jehovah, or look in the WT library.

    Regarding Amanda, How really do you know your loved ones? Today in this world there are so many people who are leading double lives or having to experience mental issues. Do we blame the whole family for one individuals choices and decisions and actions? Please Meditate on what we have “learned”. and with the quotes that would mean what we have already learned or what we need to learn more in regards to innocent parties such as sis Amanda Adams. (i could say holt but not this time)

  9. I am appalled offended and quite frankly disgusted at your insensitive comments and judgments and completely agree with everybody else who’s written after u.
    You have obviously never met these people and know very little about them except for stalking there fb pages so how dare you judge them in this manner!!
    If u want to set perfect standards for all of us imperfect humans then u will be expected to live your life in perfection.
    If u happen to loose one of your dear parents in death tmrw u will be expected to attend the very next meeting, be out in field service the next spare moment u have and every moment after that grieving or not and never ever make a mistake in your appearance! Ever!

    Keep in mind u hav’nt had much life experience on this earth and have yet to mature so maybe your judgements and expectations of others are not always right.
    I hope u are set straight by someone in person not just on here.

    By the way – if Whitneys family and the CONGREGATION are stating that Amanda is a victim in all of this – it seems u are questioning whoever spoke on behalf of the congregation when in fact they and the family are the ones who know his wife, not u.
    Keep in mind young one that jeh will be the judge of our hearts not you.

  10. It sends a bad message on Jehovah’s organization. Sobbing uncontrollably, as it said on several of the sites, tells me that he is lacking faith. Hebrews 11:1 says “Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.” Unlike other Witnesses who had mentioned the resurrection hope when talking about a family member who was undergoing surgery or operation without blood, he didn’t. I also want to know why she was killed, but its not like the end. In the New World, surviviors will forget their distresses. “The former things” will have “passed away.” (Revelation 21:4) I wasn’t saying why Clint wasn’t in the ministry while the police were searching for his wife, but in the past when she was alive and working at Starbucks.

    True, I’ve never had a close family member fall asleep in death. But it doesn’t do good to think about what you lost. What must you do to be there to see a loved one? This is partially, I think, my point. The daily text for September 1, 2012 said that when under pressure or stress, the worst thing you can do is to stop doing spiritual things. When I read that, I cried, because something that affects you seems to influence your concentration. That may be what Clint is going through, but I think he missed out of scriptural comfort by not going. The way it appears, almost everything doesn’t make sense. Not in the sense that it’s not understandable, but instead, inconsistent with each other.

  11. I assume that what Clint meant is that when you get married, you make a vow before Jehovah and is to be a lifelong union, a union which he lost. Many Witnesses have lost their loved ones, especially their own mates, but I never heard of someone who sobs uncontrollably as if it’s the end. It was before she was found that he sobbed uncontrollably, but what if she wasn’t dead? Why the uncontrollable sobs? He made it appear as if he thought himself guilty, and that looks real what he did.

  12. I meant my comment that she must have known something was strange about her husband. I should have been specific. How could it be that a neighbor detected strangeness, but Amanda didn’t? Did she suddenly go in hiding without detection? I think I would have detected something. I assume the neighbor noticed that he was in a hurry, because he was hiding something.

  13. Wow, Krissy. Just wow. I remember being sixteen, thinking I knew everything. I KNEW SQUAT. But, at least I managed to give people the benefit of the doubt. As I have grown and become very well-educated, I have realized just how little I actually know.

    Your judgment is evil, period. The word “judgement” gets thrown around today like its a baseball, but it so perfectly describes your disgusting assertions. Soul searching is in order. I seriously suggest you spend quality time in reflection.

    Maybe Amanda did see something strange. Maybe she didn’t. You don’t know. You don’t know her, you don’t know him. You don’t know what his behavior was REALLY like in normal times. You don’t know how perceptive she is to changes. You don’t know how much she even saw him in the days leading up to the murder. You don’t know who Clint is. You don’t know his struggles or triumphs with faith. You don’t know his relationship with Jehovah. You don’t know his relationship with his wife. You don’t know whether he was crying from lack of faith in eternity, or from the fact that he won’t be able to see his true love for a long time. You don’t know if he accidentally ran out of shaving cream or blades. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU JUST DON’T KNOW.

    It also amazes me that you seemed to be more concerned with how his unshaven face reflects on the Society rather than feeling compassion toward his great loss. Shame on you, Krissy.

  14. Before having a social networking page, which I don’t, keep in mind the Watchtower’s recent admonition to keep your page in private except for friends and family. Whitney didn’t do that, so how can I be accused? I didnt get this info anyway. Although there are a few pictures that are ‘taken’ from her Facebook, I don’t even see it when I look up her name in Facebook. And Witnesses are supposed to be so busy that they have no time for socializing online. In fact, Facebook retains what is deleted. An Awake! magazine had wrote that in 2011, long before Whitney’s disappearance and death. I wouldn’t recommend Facebook.

    I’m not judging either. There are such things as opinions, speculation, etc. I saw a recent interview, but he still didn’t say about the resurrection hope. And he now is well-shaven. But what bothers me is the reproach he may be giving on Jehovah’s organization. Just because someone says they are a Witness doesn’t mean they live it. This is not supposed to be offensive. It’s true. I’m in a congregation where they are not zealous for the truth. Seeing what they do, can you really call them Witnesses?

    I don’t think I can completely consider you as a true worshipper, because true Witnesses’ main concern is the sanctification of His name… How can you speak this way? I am not being apathetic. I am over her death now. Focus on what is ahead, and since there are many elderly ones, Whitney isn’t the last. There probably will be in “the great tribulation” some Witnesses who will be killed for their faith and be one of the first to be resurrected.

    You ought to know that when a person is over someone’s death, it may be quite hard to appear sympathetic.

  15. @Krissy, your inconsiderate, unloving, arrogant remarks do NOT show maturity on your part. How dare you!

  16. Krissy,

    You lack fellow feeling and empathy. You in fact are the one bringing reproach on Jehovah’s name. The vast majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses are people who strive very hard to love God and love their neighbor. Part of that is having empathy for people. Judging other people in your congregation, implying a lack of faith to someone who is grieving the loss of a mate (by the way, Jesus grieved when told about his dear friend Lazarus dying and he had the power to resurrect him), lecturing people and saying they are not a true witness – you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation – it is slanderous, self-righteous, and narrow minded. You are also putting yourself on a pedestal as an imperfect human – implying that you are more righteous than your brothers and sisters.

    Please talk to your parents and the elders in your congregation and show them what you have posted here – hopefully they can kindly reason with you to help you see your errors in judgement. It takes humility to admit we may have made a mistake.

  17. Watchtower 1990, October 15: “God’s servants today can and do feel the sadness that death brings. Yet, their Biblical understanding helps to temper or balance their mourning, in line with 1 Thessalonians 4:13, 14: “Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant concerning those who are sleeping in death; that you may not sorrow just as the rest also do who have no hope. For if our faith is that Jesus died and rose again, so, too, those who have fallen asleep in death through Jesus God will bring with him.”

    I know I am imperfect too. I am also aware that I am not overwhelmed anymore, and it is natural to get over something, otherwise what would happen after a time for weeping ended? While I am not sad and disappointed, that doesn’t mean I do not love those who were friends and family members of Whitney. I know that it’s natural to grieve for someone who has died, but I have already been through that regarding Whitney

    ~Adíos/Buenos díaz

  18. I don’t care what hope we have for the dead, to find your loved one murdered in such a shocking way is not something you just “get over” quickly. I am sure in the months to come Clint will find comfort in the scriptures and in the congregation. Sometimes it takes people more than just a day to get over something like this. Krissy is obviously superior than most Witnesses, since she has also judged those in her own congregation. Apparently the scripture at 1 Cor 10:12 does not apply to her where it says “let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall.” The rest of us trying to convince her the error of her ways is pointless. She is obviously immature and very cold hearted. She may need need to study the meaning of agape.

  19. It is not my judgment. The brothers here know they have serious problems, I heard his prayer last Tuesday night. The Governing Body would not have it for the strongest congregations to have their conventions first—May—and the weakest to have theirs last—in August. There are no pioneers here either.

    Everyone sees, thinks, and views things differently. Children, like in said in the January 2013 issue of Awake!, see things in black-and-white terms, whereas “many teenagers can perceive the gray areas of a matter.” Yes, I know that it takes more than a day to get over something. But it’s been a week, right?, and I’ve been upset for a few days after she was found. It’s not shocking to see how wicked this world is. It’s going to get even worse.

    I do love those who now have to live with a loss. I actually meant that not mentioning about the resurrection hope reflects on Jehovah’s organization. A good name, like Jehovah and his organization, being distorted is more of concern than a person’s loss, right? I don’t have the ability to walk around and move my arms, but if I blame Jehovah on it or something else, my loss isn’t as important than Jehovah’s name.

    Of course, they will be mentioning scriptures and giving more comfort at the furneral.

    I don’t mean to be offensive, but the way you’re talking to me reminds me of Zimri in the Bible drama. Even though Jamin tried to persuade Zimri about associating with false worshippers, Zimri exclaimed “Jamin, your head is filled with sand.” I do not want anymore replies from any of you, because you’re taking in a misunderstanding and are talking unchristian. “How dare you” is inappropriate, just as “Gosh” and “Oh my goodness” is. Armageddon is very, very close. If I were the one bringing reproach to His name, world events would not be happening so soon that it’s likely Armageddon will come not less than 1 or 2 years, just where I hope it will be.

  20. All i can say about this Krissy girl is “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, beware my fellow brothers and sisters and do not engage her in her immature conversation. She obviously needs to read up on the word empathy and maybe do some research on not judging others. How Clint gets out of bed at all and WAS at this past Tuesdays meeting AS WELL as Amanda is a testament to their love and faith in Jehovah god. Shame on you Krissy. I only wish I was your parent… I most definately would not spare the rod!!!

  21. Krissy—Though you view me negatively, You ought to know there's a letter for everyone knowing of it from Whitney's mother says:

    I don’t know of any other person who despises teenagers or conversing with them, but it looks like I’m like Whitney’s mother, who has now gotten over her grief too. It proves she has strong faith. There is an open letter to all who know of this situation. And, first, Jehovah hates those who mercilessly punishes their own children. Two, Jehovah will remove people at Armageddon who disguise themselves as Christians. Samuel was a young boy in Israel, but he was bold and courageous against Eli, the high priest. Nathan, an adult man, had to stand up to King David when Jehovah had him reveal David’s sins.

    Whitney’s mother’s letter:

    I want to tell you that although this has been the worst of my life’s tribulations, that I am still standing.

    The obvious reason is that Jehovah is the faithful “keeper of Promises” holding to his word that never, would his great love allow his precious children to be tested beyond what we could bear. That he would empower us with abundant strength as long as we hold loyally to him.
    I have not lost my daughter Whitney and you have not lost a sister. I know exactly where she is. That girl loves to sleep and she is taking a bit of a nap right now, held tightly in Jehovah’s memory. What a cozy place to be .
    My family has been told that many are crushed with sadness for us. Don’t be overcome with grief. As difficult as this has been, a tremendous opportunity has opened up because people in communities around the earth have opened their hearts wide to learning more about us as a people and the God whose name we carry. Because of the experiences I have recently witnessed or someone has shared, this ordeal has greatly impacted the minds and hearts of really good, compassionate and loving people. I promise you that if Jehovah told me that he would end this cruel system immediately so that I could hold Whitney safe and warm in my arms, see those shining eyes and her radiant smile tomorrow, I promise you… that I would beg him to wait so that we would have the time to reach out to those people. We could not rescue Whitney but we can rescue them. Jehovah knows what he is doing.
    This mother does not have the words to express the gratitude she has for the millions of prayers that have flowed to Jehovah for my family nor the countless tears that have fallen for the sorrow that visited our lives. And while many of you have not been able to be present with us in a literal sense, I have known you were there with every breath that I have taken. Hugs do travel through the air on wings of angels and although there was a horrific hole cut from my heart, I have been squeezed so tightly with your love that it has already closed enough to let me breathe, witness to others and even to laugh out loud. My prayers include you and I needed to reassure you that my family and I are not just standing we are standing stronger than ever.
    Beautiful Whitney beat us to Paradise.

    This may be the answer to my prayer. World events and the preaching-work must come first before Armageddon. With so many interested ones, and with world events going on, I thank Jehovah. They will see Whitney very soon.

    “No matter who fails you or proves to be untrue, take comfort in knowing I’ll always cherish you”—song 89. Thinking of me negatively will only get you in trouble with Jehovah. He knows me 100%, and you do know what I look like even. He is answering my prayers, so that should tell you if I have found favor in Jehovah’s eyes. It is also what Witnesses suppose to do, is to pray for God’s Kingdom. You also should not unreasonably hate people, especially young ones. I have more faith than such people, because I have to endure the most rare disability. This gives me the opportunity to rely on how Jehovah views me, not what others think of me. No one can be that person’s ideal. This also reminds me of the Israelite girl who was fearless in expressing her faith.


  22. The beautiful tribute to Whitney and her family are truly heartwarming. My prayers go out out Amanda as well. What a loving show of support by the community and the congregation. Her mothers letter was a true gem.

    Regarding “Krissy”, it may be best not to waste time “casting pearls before swine”. This “Krissy” may not even be a real teenager – and based on the kind of comments repeatedly left by this person- could well be an apostate or just someone with too much time on their hands that thinks its “funny” to post such inappropriate comments. Anyone can quote from the Daily Text or other articles posted on jw.org. Remember that Jesus did not find it necessary to respond to every comment or question that was not sincere.

  23. Krissy I think you should stop typing, and put you computer away . You are putting Jehovah’s name to shame here and in fact YOU are the one setting a bad reputation. Just stop already. it’s enough

  24. krissy
    please do not tell jehovah how to apply his scriptures he will make a fool of you
    you dont know we know the ressurected wont be married and have children in the new system
    the scripture also says jehvoah is god of the living not the dead they are all living to him hence
    jehovah has future plans
    also keep in mind that conversation was to the people who had the heavenly hope
    the 144000 do not get married in heaven
    jesus only mentioned paradise to the evil doer on the stake with him
    the primary hope was heaven and that is what he taught in his entire ministry

  25. now i am jealous your right whitney beat us to paradies wish sometimes i had the shortcut
    cant wait for armageddon to kiss this system goodby
    in paradise we will learn what zero tolerance really means

  26. Well said! I never reply to things like this online, but I felt I had to out of respect for Whitney’s family. I thought, what if they were to read this nonsense? We all just have to keep supporting each other to the end, whenever that may be. Whitney’s Mom’s letter was so beautiful and so perfectly written. I am glad they are holding up so well! You are so right, anyone can quote scriptures. Someone who truly loves Jehovah would never say such unloving,inappropriate things or speak about the time of the end being in a year or two, as if they truly know. Thanks for the reminder!!

  27. I agree with Offendedbyyourresponse.
    Krissy is extremely immature and disrespectful. This is no time to kick a man in the teeth who has just lost his wife in such a horrific manner.
    He became sick after the wedding Krissy! How do you know he wasn’t on telephone, listening to the meeting?

    Your arrogance is breathtaking. Please leave Amanda alone. She must be so alone and utterly devastated right now. She does not need peope who do not even know her scrutinizing her every move.

    When you go through your personal storms, when you get out in the real world, Krissy, let’s see how well you hold up when strangers gleefully whisper and point judgemental fingers at you when you have a weak, tribulent period in your life.

  28. To Krissy,

    Dear, beware that you do not fall. You think you have it all figured out and I am afraid that you are going to find out the hard way that you absolutely don’t. You are setting yourself up for disaster and when it happens, think back on these comments.

    I encourage you to really focus on what YOU need to do to improve YOURSELF. I really hope you do this before you fall.

  29. Exactly what I was thinking! Sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Apostate! Be careful who you converse with, brothers and sisters.

  30. You religious freak-jobs spouting your hate towards one another with a Holly slant that you rationalize gives you the right to bully one-another because you can quote some nonsensical verbiage from a book of fiction.

    90% of the people commenting in this thread should be ashamed of them self’s, you can only assume what a spouse of a murderer understood and when and if she knew anything at all, if you took the time to read about the case you would understand that the perpetrator kept many secrets from his wife and was an introvert that shared little with anyone.

    This is why I’m agnostic, because of idiots like you people that give religion a bad name.


  31. Krissy –
    You are saying much of what people really feel it is just very hard to hear right now, since the wound is so new. I believe there is more to this story than meets the eye. Alot of young people attend meetings, but are not baptized. Others marry out of the Truth and have spouses who attend, but are not really committed. The truth will come out. I do not beieve that she gave him a ride when he asked, I believe he used the gun from the onset. I too would like clarity on the spiritual status of these young people. I mean a gun???? When you shoot someone that you know four times….there is a history there…you are angry. Let the story unfold..and folks don’t get mad at Krissy for saying what most of you are thinking.

  32. Sir/Madam-
    Events of this magnitude never occur among Jehovah’s people, so the shock and words expressed here come from the experience of a “painful new”. We/They are allowed as “free moral” agents to vent as human and our God understands this. Don’t allow the words of “dust” to shut your heart to the existence of God…his visible creation speak to his existence.

  33. It is because of what Jesus said at Matthew 22:29, 30: “In reply Jesus said to them: “YOU are mistaken, because YOU know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God; 30 for in the resurrection neither do men marry nor are women given in marriage, but are as angels in heaven.” I was taught this by no one except who can, especially in my condition. Very embarrassing when looked at. I asked questions, and got my reply. The question recently came to me of how many Witnesses lost a mate and are waiting till Paradise to be together again. The only ones I could think of are the Witnesses who are elderly and lost their mate who too was elderly.

  34. There isn’t any more current news about Heichel and the Ritmillers, which is disappointing. I think Clint said he was only about less than an acquaintance, and he already admitted to lying to Amanda and the police about being robbed on the day of Whitney’s disappearance. But since the police found child pornography on his computer, like he said had downloaded them, I think that is what led to the killing, though I think is still unjustifiable, is pornography. (In the Watchtower Library w79 10/22 30-31) “Watching the World” is sometimes interesting, so I found this.

  35. Krissy,
    Everyone deals with grief differently. The Bible says that even Jesus cried when his friend Lazarus died, although he had faith that Lazarus would be resurrected (and soon!)
    You mention that you’ve never lost a close family member in death, which may be why you find it hard to have empathy for someone who has. I have lost both a close family member and a friend in death, and I cried and mourned for them both. However, this doesn’t mean that I lost hope that I would someday see them again. My hope comforted me.
    Please, do not judge someone for how they grieve. You can’t imagine everything that Clint and the families affected by this tragedy have gone through since that morning. Instead, try to have empathy, and remember that someday you may find yourself in a situation (hopefully never so horrible) where you may be looking for a little empathy from others as well.

  36. KRISSY,

    I’m just going to say what everyone else is thinking…Whether Jehovah Witness or not…….Instead of formulating various opinions go and do your personal bible study, pray to Jehovah for empathy and humility because you are CLEARLY NOT LISTENING TO THE ADVICE OF OLDER ONES WHO HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE…So to sum up what I am nicely trying to say SHUT UP.

  37. Krissy, I must say your comments are very disturbing, you sound like a very judgemental person with no heart!! Maybe you need to re examine yourself before giving your 2 cents to the world!! I would be ashamned if I were your mother, or even knew you! Please re check your self and do something about your cold self!

  38. @ Krissy,

    Sanctifying Jehovah’s name entails many things. Such as how we carry ourselves and deal with one another, by our actions as well, when not out in the ministry. Not just in going out door to door proclaiming his name. Hence the distinguishing of ‘true’ followers, and showing true love of our God, trying our best not to bring reproach to his great name.

    From one of many of your posts here I quote you on one of them on how you view Clint and his “sobbing uncontrollably”, you said: “It sends a bad message on Jehovah’s organization. Sobbing uncontrollably, as it said on several of the sites, tells me that he is lacking faith.”

    Yet here in the Awake of 07/09 it speaks of a depressed sister (says nothing of the reasons behind her depression such as death in the family) but that she fights (active, ongoing fight) with her depression and feelings of worthlessness, says she “sobs uncontrollably”, at different times, MEANING she doesn’t get over it after just one incident as you feel others should display – PLEASE READ EACH PARAGRAPH WELL:

    ” [Box/Pictures on page 7]
    When Barbara’s depression and feelings of worthlessness are more than she can bear, she and her husband phone Gerard, a family friend who is a Christian overseer. He always listens patiently as Barbara sobs uncontrollably and repeats the same anguished thoughts she has expressed before.
    Gerard has learned to listen without being judgmental, argumentative, or condemning. (James 1:19 “…be swift about hearing, slow about speaking…”) As the Bible advises, he has learned to “speak consolingly to the depressed.” (1 Thessalonians 5:14) Patiently he reassures Barbara that she is very precious to Jehovah God, to her family, and to her friends. He usually reads one or two comforting passages from the Bible, even though he has read some of them to her before. Then, without fail, he offers to say a prayer with her and her husband over the phone, something they always find very consoling.—James 5:14, 15.”

    Be very careful Krissy on how you view those on HOW they grieve.

    According to this sister, Barbara, she sobs uncontrollably from time to time dealing with and ENDURING her depression and feelings of worthlessness. As you stated somewhere at the last that you “endure your rare disability”. Then by your thinking, Barbara is in the wrong and lacking faith. So what then of the article about Barbara who “sobs uncrontrollably”? Think Krissy.

    How is it wrong for Clint to sob uncontrollably (and this is one instance that you know of by your readings about Clint and yet you judge his lack of faith) ? When Barbara does so repeatedly with an elder? Did the article say ‘by Barbara continuously calling Gerard it showed she lacked faith’? NO IT NEVER DID. Instead GENUINE love, patience, TENDER affection and compassion, and kindness, was displayed by Gerard to both Barbara and her husband. Krissy, be careful. Remember what you said: ”

    Did you note what the article says about Gerard, an overseer? “Gerard has learned to listen without being judgmental, argumentative, or condemning. (James 1:19)”

    How do you account for the scripture at Rom 12:15 “…weep with people who weep”?

    or this one? Proverbs 18:24 “There exist companions disposed to break one another to pieces, but there exists a friend sticking closer than a brother.”

    or this one? Proverbs 17:17 “A true companion is loving all the time and is a brother that is born for when there is distress.”

    Krissy, please also, read Philippians 2:3 and 4.

    There is much more to say, but hopefully this one point on “speaking consolingly to the depressed souls” will eventually be etched in you.

    None of us have lived with those 2 married couples 24 hrs a day, Krissy. So please take a step back and view all the angles that you KNOW of, and then make a decision whether you are going to say anything about a matter or whether you’ll be silent on it. If you do choose to speak up about something, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY AND LOVINGLY using tactfulness also as an ingredient throughout. James 1:19

    Also, just helping out here in your Spanish grammar, saying “bye” in Spanish does not have the accent on the “í” but on the “o”. So it’s “adiós” even “adios” is seen. Also, “good day” or “good morning” in Spanish is not “..diaz” like in the last name “Diaz” ‘less you intended it for a reason, but rather an “s” instead, “buenos días”.

    So Krissy, que pases buen día. Sigue recibiendo la mejor educación, que es de Jehová! Grow with deep, genuine love.

  39. @ Krissy,

    Just to let you know, I have to check my Spanish grammar…going back proof-reading my words So I didn’t mean meanness by that at all or anywhere else that I wrote to you.

  40. Dear Krissy,

    There are many things of which you must learn in life. Some things that you may not understand. Which is a good reason to try to understand. As opposed to assuming/presuming some situations that are not directly affecting you. (Ps 86:14, Job 38:1-3) As you’ve made it a point, the death of a beloved sister does not affect you. But you do not know her, as some may. It should not be a sin to mourn, or feel loss. As Jehovah has instilled these emotions in us, we’re made in His image. Jehovah does NOT reprimand any of his loyal servants, who for one reason or another, have been stricken with grief and their need to express it comfortably in their own way. However, it pains many of our brothers greatly when these “opinions” are made by you. We do not wish to deliberately hurt our brothers/sisters. You surely must understand how your words have lacerated the open wound further than necessary.

    Your sentiments have been judgmental, and that is not your place, nor anyone else’s. (James 4:11,12) Since you claim to be a lover of Jehovah God, it should not be an issue of loving your spiritual family – that includes treating your brothers with love, respect, and tenderness. Why? – Because Jehovah does so for all of us. (Gal 5:25, Eph 5:10)

    Though, regardless of what anyone may do or say, including myself. One thing is certain, “… that neither death nor life nor angels nor governments nor things now here nor things to come nor powers nor heights nor depth nor any other creation will be able to separate us from God’s love…” – Romans 8:39,39

    I’m sure our dear sister Heichel felt this way.

    PS – In regards about those who have commented “against” you, Krissy, are not in any way showing you that we – yes, we – hate you. We are just following what Jehovah has taught us. (Prov 19:25,27) Also, to get a little more background on HOW and WHY people may grieve, refer to Young People Ask vol. 1 – chapter 16.

  41. krissy.you are not a genuine witness.because they are not cold and unfeeling like you come across..angers me that these people like krissy,call themselves witnesses…

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