October 30, 2020

Amanda Setton is Marron Five Adam Levine’s Secret Girlfriend!

Adam Levine strikes again! The front man and lead singer and also judge at the hit TV show The Voice has put his loving eyes on 27 year old actress Amanda Setton!



What do we know about her? Well here is the dish, Setton born December 16th is an American television and film actress you might remember her best from her role in the teen drama Gossip Girl playing Penelope Shafai.

Could it be that this New York native could have smitten L.A bad boy Levine??? Well it seems the relationship is still in trial basis but in Hollywood “one day you are in and the next out” so it wouldn’t be a big shock to read tomorrow they are an official item.

They both met during her most recent job Fox’s “The Mindy Project” through of course, mutual friends like everything else happens in the show biz. They instantly “felt a connection” all this around a month ago and have gone in several dates ever since …I guess they really hit it off..I mean you have to take the chance while you are feeling it right. Close friends of well rounded, Jewish, Ithaca college graduate, president of her school’s theater, brunette, sweetheart Setton say its too early to know but are not really all support knowing the ladies’ man fame Adam has..What do you think?? They look good together right?? They are both hot so they make a good match to me.

Obviously is hard to forget Adam’s list of relationships it seems he is always well accompanied of an actress/model/or someone just glamorous and hot; remember her last girl? VS supermodel Behati Prinsloo but I guess she couldn’t put up with him for another year and they wen separate ways ..and what about russian model Anne Vyalitsyna? They were in it for two years …could it be he is ready for three years now?? Maybe he sees something in Amanda and is time to set the bar a little longer??? Nice change though for Adam I guess he is going for the brunets now he is setting aside now the differences perhaps between tastes.

Well Amanda our advice? Take it slow sweetie, a girls happiness when its those first few dates its hard to hide but dating this level of ultimate bad boys it requires some set of skills you might want to use! Maybe what you learned from playing evil Stacy’s (Crystal Hunt) bff Kim?

In the meantime we’ll keep on close to see if this gets serious or not. Read More about Amanda and Adam here

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