December 1, 2020

Andrea Bonnar is MMA Stephan Bonnar’s Wife (PHOTOS)

Are you into mixed martial arts? Great! Then for sure you know who the guy in the picture is! What about the gorgeous lady next to him?  Well I’m sorry for the guys… She is Andrea Brown Bonnar! Yes, she is off the market so don’t get any ideas.

Andrea Bonnar

PHOTO: Andrea Brown Bonnar

Andrea is from Edina, Minnesota but currently lives in Las Vegas with of course husband UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar. She is his longtime girlfriend and they were married on October 30, 2009 in Tuscany, Italy. So romantic huh! Italy…Love, love, love!

Andrea Brown Bonnar Stephan Bonnar wedding pic

Andrea who is currently pregnant with their first baby is due to give birth at the end of October and they haven’t decided on a name for the baby but it seems they are considering Griffin. And we all remember that epic fight between those two. But, I’m positive it’s all in the past where it belongs!

I’m sure Andrea must be a supportive wife and she must be watching very closely the fight between hubby Stephan and Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 153 all the way to Brazil. While she waits for him we hope their little baby will too! But if that’s not the case of first time father to be Stephan will rapidly hop a plane as soon as the fight is over and fly straight back to his wife in Vegas; so he won’t miss a thing! That is one excited dad! I give him props! Can you imagine the stories to come for that baby boy! About his birth!

But what else do we really know about Andrea and what is like to be a mixed martial arts wife?? I don’t know about you but I’m curious. We hope we can learn more from her soon!

Give her a closer look:

Find Bonnar’s wife Andrea on Facebook here. and you can read more about her at SlimCelebrity here.

Andrea Brown Bonnar bioAndrea Brown Bonnar icsAndrea Brown Bonnar Stephan Bonnar wife pic

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