September 19, 2020

Anna Vavassori- Piermario Morosini Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

A terrible tragedy happened today during Livorno’s match against Pescara, Piermario Morosini suffered a  heart attack and collapsed to the ground, sadly the young midfielder for Livorno, didn’t make and died. Some people wonder if Piermario Morosini was married, dating or who is his girlfriend? Her name is Anna .


25 year-old Piermario Morosini was born in Bergamo, Italy on July 5th, 1986. He lost his father when he was very young,two years later at age 15 his mother died and tragedy didn’t stop there his brother took his life, leaving Piermario in a orphanage. He began his career in soccer with Atalanta (later Udinese),  he was then transferred to Bologna and later to Vicenza.

In 2009, he arrived at Reggina as a loan and to Padova the following year, and last January he was loaned to Vicenza.Livorno signed him in on January 31st, 2012.

During the 31’ minute of Livorno’s match with Pescara Piermario Morosini, suffered a cardiac arrest, felt to the ground, he tried to get up but collapsed before paramedics arrived, he was taken to the hospital, but a police car blocking the exit at the stadium delayed for a few  minutes. He was pronounced dead upon his arrival to Santo Spirito hospital.

Many people are wondering if Piermario Morosini was dating someone, or if he was married who is his wife? or girlfriend?  The answer is yes, Piermario has a girlfriend her name is Anna Vavassori she is believe to be 21, resides in Beramo.

Anna she arrived in Pescara, she was there to identified her beloved boyfriend’s body. She is currently at a hotel being comforted by friends and the team.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Anna, friends and fans throughout this terrible time.

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