March 3, 2021

Tony Stewart’s ex-Girlfriend Jessica Zemken and New Rumored Girlfriend Brandi Schroeder

Who is Tony Stewart’s girlfriend? Race car driver Tony Stewart,43, and car racer Jessica Zemken,28 are no longer an item. They were a couple for about two years, until the relationship went south a midst cheating rumors. Zemken and Stewart had a mutual passion for racing, she came from racing royalty. So it seemed like the couple may have taken the next step to the alter but that was never going to be case. Neither seemed like they wanted the relationship to go in that direction, and it just kind of quietly ended. There are some reports that Zemken was cheating on Stewart with another man, but other reports say her relationship with Stewart ended before she became involved with others.zemken

Jessica was an only child who grew up in upstate New York. Her father Ray Zemken was a veteran racer around tracks all over the country. Jessica started racing in children’s leagues when she was 7. She was gaining a lot of headway and by the time she was 17 and a senior in high school she was able to put together her own racing team. She generated both buzz and success in the sprint car divisions. Zemken not wanting to miss any racing opportunities is studying business and marketing at Troy College in Troy, New York online.

Jessica told Speed Sport Magazine all about her current racing aspirations. A super modified car is something that she has started racing recently. She said it’s been a huge change and adjustment to get used to it. She said it’s been a real adventure learning how to drive it, and being confident with it. She said she’s still learning how to deal with the crew and her car. She talked about her Sprint Car racing, she said she’s still doing those races. She said she loves racing and the adrenalin rush she gets from it.

She said she doesn’t really take a lot of stock in social media, she uses Facebook more, but rarely tweets. She talked about working on her marketing degree, and that she is doing it online. She said it’s a slow process the racing gets in the way sometimes. Zemken says the college work has done some positive things for her. She was asked if she spent some time in the garage with her father. Zemken said she was in the garage a lot with her Dad Ray, she said she was always greasy and dirty.

She said she can do everything she needs to do as far as racing goes, she can help build the car and fix it too. She can do all the motor maintenance, to check the valves, so she didn’t have to depend on anyone else. It’s helped earned her respect and credibility in the pit area as opposed to just being a lady racer that just says she can drive. Zemken “I would like to think so, I gained the respect from my main sponsor, she was seen getting under her car changing the gears and everything. ”

Update by Admin: Tony Stewart’s new rumored girlfriend is Brandi Schroeder but their dating photos are not leaked yet.

Brandi Schroeder


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