March 4, 2021

Arlene Silver Van Dyke Is Dick Van Dyke Wife

Funny man Dick Van Dyke is once again off the market ladies, as he recently tied the knot with his long time girlfriend Arlene Silver, Do you know her? Would you like to? Here is Arlene’s Bio..

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86 year-old Dick Van Dyke became a regular face in  our homes from his famous show The Dick Van Dyke Show, but we all remember him from his amazing performance in Mary Poppins, Bye Bye Birdie and the t.v show Diagnosis: Murder.

In 1948 Mr. Van Dyke got married for the first time to Margerie Willet, during their 26 years together they  had four children Chris, Barry, Carried and Stacy. Dick and Margerie separated in the mid 70’s and got divorce in 1984. Dick moved in  with actress Michelle Triola who once dated Lee Marvin, Mrs. Triola died  in 2009 when she lost her battle to lung cancer.

As for his new wife, who walked with him in the Red carpet at the SAG awards wearing a beautiful silver gown, which is the same place where they met over 6 years ago, we are talking about 40 year-old makeup artist Arlene Silver, who became  Mr. Van Dyke wife on February 29th.

“Kind of on the spur of the moment, we decided Leap Day would be the best time to do it, I’m not a loner, I have to have a life partner and I found the perfect one.”

Arlene and her hubby met at the SAG awards six years ago, she became his makeup artist and well, the rest is history. What do we know about Mrs. Van Dyke?? Just a bit

Freelance Makeup artist Arlene Silver from the Bronx graduated in 1989 from Arcadia High School, then in 1999 got her Bachelor’s Degree from California State University-Fullerton, a year later she was an officer manager at Stoney Road Productions, as well as a producer at the sole trader XM Style. On May 2006 she became a makeup instructor at El School Of Professional Makeup, around that time she was also an esthetician al Lucas Echo Park. Arlene became a freelance makeup artist almost 12  years ago.

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One thought on “Arlene Silver Van Dyke Is Dick Van Dyke Wife

  1. i cant believe this . she preyed on dick for money? golddigger. i know dick is happy but he is not seeing the red flags. im shocked. i been a fan since i was a kid. this marriage,really. how well did hey knew each other before he propose? he is so loved. i hope that he wakes up or someone will need to tell him. when you married someone who is much older,not a good idea. i believe she up to no good and dick doesnt need that.i as a fan love him with all my heart. watching his work is ,cant find the words to describe. he shares his talent with everyone. we are blessed to have a great legend like dick. he has a great personality.

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