January 24, 2021

Barbara Alba is Pitbull “Armando Perez” Baby Mama and the Mother of Bryce Perez? (photos, wiki, bio)

Is Pitbull married? Meet Barbara Alba now! We all are very familiar with the Cuban/ American rapper Armando Perez aka Pitbull, little do we know about his personal life until this day when the news about his handsome son Bryce Perez (Bryce Pérez) and Pitbull’s baby mama came up her name is Barbara Alba. As it’s always been hard life of a single mom, what’s the life of the single mom now? Who is Bryce Pérez’s mother?


Pitbull is the proud father of two, in fact he has tattoo in their honor, to be honest I had no idea about his children and I’m Latina I should be embarrass and I am, but better late than never to know more details about this amazing singer and songwriter.

Today the Miami Herald revealed the name of one his baby mama, Barbara Alba is the mover off his 9 year-old daughter whose name might be either Destiny or Odalis, I found that one source said the child’s name is Destiny but other said is Odalis, what do you know?

When Barbara Alba was dating him, he wasn’t famous and people knew him by his real name, they had a daughter together, after their split and until this day when he is an International celebrity he kept providing his 9 year-old with all she need (I mean financially) according to reports Pitbull gives this baby mama about $3.000 in child support that is without having any legal papers between them but now Mrs. Alba who is also the mother of triplets from another relationship after her split from the singer wants more, her lawyer said that because she was the victim of burglary in her neighborhood she need to move to a safer one, which most of the time means a more costly neighborhood.She really deserves the child support payment as life of a single mom is very hard nowadays.

Her lawyer Jason Setchen added that they came to an amicably agreement, although no word amount the amount was revealed but we do know that Barbara and Pitbull’s daughter will be soon enrolled in a private school.

Bryce Perez (Bryce Pérez) was born on March 5, 2003. Who is this handsome young boy’s mother? Do you think it’s possible that Barbara Alba is his mother??

Barbara Alba Pitbull baby mama photoBarbara Alba Pitbull baby mama picBarbara Alba Pitbull baby mama pictureBarbara Alba Pitbull baby mama

31 thoughts on “Barbara Alba is Pitbull “Armando Perez” Baby Mama and the Mother of Bryce Perez? (photos, wiki, bio)

  1. Hmm…. Pitbull…. Pit and kids!!!???unblevable…. But pit shouldn’t TRY FOR BABY but idc…. It’s not my life and non of my business…. But i wanna see the pic of the mama and the daughter…..

  2. Look like a man as smart as pittbull and fine that he’d never got mixd up with a women who already had some kids.

  3. The woman didn’t have children PitBull (Armando Christian Perez) got with her she had the 1st child with him he claims then they split up and she had triplets with someone else. Besides I think I think He’s doing a great job being the father of 4 children. Unless you have a child yourself you’ll never know the joy of being a really Loving someone. Loving your girlfriend or Partner is not the same as hearing your own child say they Love you and Need you..

  4. He actually has 5 kids . He has the oldest one which is the daughter he had with this lady and then he has bryce and then two boy and a baby girl which is the youngest one named Amia which is around 5-6 months old . The last two boys and Amia are from his wife .

  5. oh and looked after yoyr children while u both worked kelly penington…by the name i gather u r from fujen royalty or something…just because your pregnancy was planned..in a happy stable environment (bullshit)..your languge too appauling for that to b true..
    Do u honestly think i wanted to b a single mum..i rang the dad and told him i was pregnant and he told me to get rid of it….!!!! Dont blame the women…id take everything from my kids’ dad too…but i chose not to cause i prefer him not in our lives…everone has a right to an opinion..but u obviousky have lived a fairytale life…. . where youve never been used and abused by a MAN..pitbull was 22..do the math!!! he was young immature and irresponsible…and now a billionaire..hes made his money off sukers like us..

  6. Dont see how that is correct,yes the daughter was first then Bryce,but then in an interview he said the next two are the same age and arent twins.He also said he had 4 kids with 3 moms,so if #3 and 4 are the same age and arent twins that by deduction would say they have different motbers making Miss Alba the mother of one,,Bryces mom having two by him and and the 4th by another woman.The fifth,I have no idea about,nor anything about a wife.He continually says hes single,which by definition could mean he has a serious somone in his life,just not legally married.

  7. Where the hell did u hear this?I would not go by what anyone says unless the words came from PITS mouth. Did he say that he has 5 kids cuz the last time I checked, he has 4 kids and is single. His business is not mine but just sayin. Don’t always believe what u hear because when u come across false info, more and more rumors spread and then the person that the rumor is about ( Pitbull in this case) has to explain to the press, fans, ect. I see how he keeps his personal life to himself so he shouldn’t have to explain to anyone unless he is willing. But if he was I think he would have already given us the details. Pitbull, I love u sooo much papi!!! I respect you and your privacy. I think that u are the sweetest, smartest, and with all respect the sexiest man to live on the planet. I would love to meet u one day. I am only a kid but when I get of legal age maybe we could go on a few dates. Until that day comes my love, if raindrops were kisses, I’d send you showers, if seas were hugs, I’d send you oceans, and if love was a person id send you me. I ? you.

  8. he and his new girlfriend are expecting a baby..
    So this would be his fifth baby..Congrats!

  9. Okay, so if Amia is still an infant and new girlfriend is expecting..they also have different mamas?How many different ones now? Has to be at least 4 or 5, and a wife as well ? Cant judge cause its his life,and all children are a blessing,but his wife must be one hell of a woman,and his need to spread his seed is overwhelming !

  10. Hey, I see you know whar kind of kids he has. How do you know there names and there ages and genders? Do you know someone? Sorry just a question I have been looking for an answer for forever!!!!

  11. I only know of him having a son, cos he goes to the same school as my best friend’s 3 boys. As far as being married, he’s not. He was just on Chelsea Lately a week or 2 ago and he repeatedly and clearly stated he is, and this is an exact quote, “single, bilinugual, and ready to mingal”

  12. A friend of mine told me that he is married to an African American woman, he is a loyal husband and they have three kids together.

  13. I think he uses the “I’m single, bilingual and ready to mingle” line so that he won’t upset his female fan base.

  14. Clarification: he is not married but is in a long term, live-in relationship that has produced 2 beautiful children. She is NOT African American, she is a beautiful Puertorrican. He has children with other women because he is incapable of loyalty to one woman. Shame on him for giving Latinos a bad name. Shame on her for putting off with that BS in this day and age.

  15. @Shane, thanks for the clarification. I’m not sure where my friend got her info, but I will pass this info on to her. After I made my comment, I came across an article that stated that he has been in an open relationship with someone but he still claims that he is loyal because at the end of the day he still comes home to her. Can’t claim loyalty to one woman, date other women and have children outside of your relationship.

  16. @Shane, got a question for you. Since this thread was originally about the first baby mama, how many baby mamas and children does he really have? Just curious. On a serious note, I wonder if he realizes what type of message he’s giving his kids by having an open relationship and fathering children with other women. What is he saying to his daughter, his son (don’t know the gender of all the kids) about how men and women are supposed to be in a relationship? He’s probably too busy bedding every woman he comes in contact with to care. Not surprised he’s an egotistical ass.
    I wish I could e-mail you, I’d love to ask more questions.

  17. shane u full of bs. you don’t know him. he is not with that woman or any other woman. he says he has 4 kids he puts to bed, and then he says he has 2. he lies about his kids on tv all the time. something werd about that.

  18. He has 5 kids and the last three are with his wife . People in Miami know this as fact. He is married .

  19. Agree with sunny….he dont want to disappoint the female fans thAts why he keeps on lying about his current relationship status

  20. He has 4 kids and her girlfriend is Maré but her child is not Pitbull´s but her ex-boyfriend

  21. To Shane, you stress that Pitbull’s partner is NOT African American as if that would be totally beneath him and the worst thing ever..Remember, Latins all have African ancestry to various degrees so we are all related.. Please be careful with how you phrase words.. Beautiful women come in all shades.. Black/ brown included.

  22. Well last time he was on the View he was asked and he said that he has “6 kids”.
    I was shocked. Couldn’t believe it. Oh yea and he also said that he was single and ready to mingle .

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