January 24, 2021

Betina Driver is NFL and DWTS Winner Donald Driver Wife

Meet Betina Driver she is the caring and beloved wife of Donald Driver, who besides being a wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers the new champion at the 14 season of Dancing With The Stars.

Donald Driver wife Tina Driver children pic

Betina Driver also known as Tina Driver, she is the second person who Donald said has given him strength throughout his life, the first is his mother Faye Gray who raised him and his brother Marvin. The love story between Tina Driver and her NFL hubby began about 14 years ago while they were attending at attended Alcorn State University in Mississippi, he recalled he was a start athlete but was also getting in trouble because he was selling drugs, thanks to Betina he cleaned himself.

“At that time in college, I was still selling drugs and I asked my wife to put a package away for me in her room and hide it while they did a search in the dormitories,” he says. “And she simply said, ‘No. God is testing you and if you want to be with me, then you have to stop this now.’ ”
“That time in college I knew I had a great athletic ability,” he adds, “but that was easy money. But she completely changed my life.”

And here we are, watching this amazing football player totally rocking at DWTS and Betina his wife since March 4, 2000, cheering for him in the crowd, did I mention they are the proud parents of three adorable, smart and wonderful children? That’s right these amazing kids are Cristian, Christina and Charity.

Betina and her hubby created the Donald Driver Foundation in 2001 the foundation is dedicated to help homeless families, Mrs. Driver serves as President and Director..

“The foundation’s goal is to help change homeless family and education issues each day with STRONG HANDS that build and strengthen instead of destroy and weaken, with STRONG MINDS that invent new ideas to achieve these goals, and with LOVING HEARTS that overflow with love and compassion.”

Betina Driver continues to be a big support for her amazing husband not to  mention his  biggest  critic on the dance floor.

Read Betina and Donald Driver’s interview here

“She’s my biggest critic,” he says. “She’ll tell me in a heartbeat, ‘Baby, that doesn’t look sexy enough. You need to hold Peta this way, with this expression on your face.’ ”
“As a man, you never want to embarrass your wife. You don’t want to have an expression on her face on national TV like she’s ticked-off at her husband. For me at the end of the day I like to see her happy because I danced so well for her.”

But allow us to tell you just a little bio on Tina Driver..

She was born in Cleveland, Mississippi, she studied at Cleveland High School and then attended Alcorn State where she  received her degree in Criminal Justice. Betina Driver is highly involved in physical fitness, no wonder  why she has that  hot body, she  participated at the 2007 Women’s Fitness World Championships in Las Vegas were she placed 14th. Tina joined her hubby  at Burnham richard commercial

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