October 28, 2020

British Diver Tom Daley dating U.S Diver Kassidy Cook?

You read out title British diver Tom Daley has taken his heart overseas, according to media Daley has fallen for a fellow diver, part of the United States Olympic Diving team and her name is Kassidy Cook.

Tom Daley girlfriend Kassidy Cook

It looks like Tom has fallen into Kassidy Cook’s magic spell, well that  is a silly line but I read that Kassidy  has a thing for  all Harry Potter movies and claims she known every magic spell. Not that she need to cast any spell to catch a guy, she is drop-dead gorgeous!!

17-year-old Kassidy Cook  was born in Plantation, Florida on May 9, 1995 to Laura and Kevin Cook, she has 5 siblings Kevin, Kelsey, Kylie, Kara and Kendall (a little Kardashian trend? all names starts with K?).

Kassidy is a junior at The Woodlands High School, she has been living in Woodlands, Texas since the age of 11. Kassidy trains with Bob Gunter at the Woodlands Diving Academy.

She made into the National team in 2010, she is a three-time junior national and junior Pan American individual champion. One of the youngest divers and promising athletes, sadly she didn’t make into the Olympic team going to London. But for sure she will be at Rio in 2016.

So.. Is Tom dating Kassidy Cook or not? Well, according to the Mail, they are not really dating, yet, but they are smitten with each other, so I guess is just a matter of time.

‘They’re a good couple. They’re a hot couple as well’.

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