January 18, 2021

Brittany Smith is Chael Sonnen’s Girlfriend (PHOTOS, wiki, bio, video)

Meet Brittany Smith, Chael Sonnen’s Girlfriend! Brittany Smith will be for sure be showing her beautiful face and unconditional support to her MMA boyfriend Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 against Anderson Silva  their bout will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Brittany Smith Chael Sonnen girlfriend pictures

So we are not really  going to talk about UFC 148, you all  know the fight card and know that the main fight will be  that against Silva and Sonnen and for sure the WAG’s will take an  important role tonight so starting with Chael’s lady the beautiful  Brittany Smith.

There is little we could find about Sonnen’s girlfriend Brittany, for her looks I could said she is a model, I mean she has the face of an angel. Ms. Smith‘s gorgeous blond locks, dreamy blue eyes and sexy curve you could  de for can make it at any fashion show, catalog or billboard anywhere. He is a very lucky fella!

Brittany Smith I thinks from Portland have been dating the MMA fighter for over a year, they met in Portland when she attended a struggle event with her brother Ryan, who friends with Chael. Brittany got into a conversation with him,  met with him the following day and  the rest is history, well I sort of sum it up a notch, here is how things went that day..

Brittany  got convinced by her bro to go to this small fight in Portland where Sonnen was a promoter, she went to the bathroom, he spotted her (certainly who can’t miss her)  complemented her shirt, but not in flirty way, maybe  he was testing how things were so he told her “I like your shirt” (which is a nice way to say nice rack you got there, or so I heard), so the next thing he was borrowing her phone, which he used to call his and at this point brother Brian cut them off and send her away.

But things didn’t stop there certainly, Chael then called her and said You shouldn’t  give your phone to strangers, Hah ! cheesy line but it worked for him  they went on a date to the movies and  have been dating since that time.

It is not uncommon that Brittany is not really a fan of fighting, she said the first fight of her beau she saw was that of  him against Brian Stann which was by the way the first fight she saw..

“The whole process was too complicated for me.Take weight, interviews, go to the fight, it was very bizarre. But it was the world I was entering. I am very nervous about all this, but having support him as best I can.” said Brittany Smith.

Would you like to know what does Brittany likes the most about him? is not his abs, arms,  pretty blue eyes, but the way he treats his mom Claudia Sonnen and everybody  else.

“He is a very sweet guy, he treats his mother in an incredible way, which I love very much, because it means that he treats his wife so wonderful. He is a great friend, a great boyfriend, a great son and very generous.He really thinks of others before thinking of himself.”

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