March 3, 2021

Bruno Mars & Model Girlfriend Jessica Caban Keep Things Real!

Singer Bruno Mars,29 and slighter older woman girlfriend, Jessica Caban, 32, keep things real. The two have been a couple for the last 3 years. Caban who grew up in Spanish Harlem in New York, has carved out a career for herself as a fashion model. She also has a quickly expanding acting career. In 2002 singer/actress Jennifer Lopez initiated a nation wide talent search for her successful perfume line. Lopez wanted to find a new face to represent her line. Caban was the runner up, but Lopez was so impressed with Caban’s look, that she was still able to secure some commercials with the Lopez line.BrunoMarsJessicaCaban

Caban went on to compete in a model search reality show for the Si TV network, called ‘Model Latina’, she won that competition and secured a modeling contract with Q Management. She spoke out on her life and relationship with Mars and how her life has changed since working on the Lopez line. She said “Since the JLO model search, I think I have grown as a woman into my own, and as an artist and as an actress. I have found my path, and I feel like I am finally on the right road. I also have a lot more experience since then. I was just a little girl and I have done so much. I mean I have been blessed to continue on in this industry, where it’s like scarce. Where you’re just one in a million. I feel blessed to just keep working and pushing forward. I’m just happy to be here today, after the JLO model search, let me say some of the highlights.”

She went on to talk about some of the highlights. “Let me give you some highlights, I’ve done quite a few things. I won ‘Model Latina’ on Si TV”, Caban is of Puerto Rican decent, which both of her parents are.” I won that competition, and I also won two acting awards, for best film actress. I’ve done magazines and commercials, and background work, and just so much. I mean it’s been up and down.

I’m not going to sit here and say it’s been all glamorous, it’s been hard work. It’s been a challenge at times, It’s my dream and my passion, so I’m ok with the hard work.” She was also on the cover of Latina Magazine several times. She went on talk about her film career. “I just got cast in a film, called ‘The Last Anniversary’. This role is really going to show my acting chops and shows that I’m not just a beautiful face and body, it’s shows there is a lot more to me.” She was very hesitant to talk a lot about her relationship with Mars. Because she said a lot of people get burned in the entertainment business when they talk about their significant others. She said of Mars “He’s an amazing singer, a great person, really funny, you know how it is, Hollywood, rumors, so I will just leave it at that, and not get into too much more.”


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