February 26, 2021

Candi Calvana Smith Is Evander Holyfield’s Wife

Check out Candi Calvana Smith, so far she was boxer Evander Holyfield’s wife, it was reported today that Evander and Candi who is his third wife finalized their divorce after 11 years  together.

Candi Calvana Smith Evander Holyfield wife pic

50-year-old Evander Holyfield former Heavyweight champion, has been married three times. his first marriage to Paulette Bowen lasted 6 years, the got married in 1985 until 1991, five years later  he got married to his second wife was Janice Itson, they divorce in 2000.

Then on July, 2003 he got married to his third wife 32-year-old Candi Calvana Smith who also goes by Candi Holyfield, with whom he has two children Ethan Holyfield born on February 5th, 2004 and Eve Heloyfield born on May 14th, 2005. On February 1st, 2010 Candi Holyfield filed a restraining order against Evander, she claimed he hit her in the face and neck after things got crazier during a heated argument at their mansion in Georgia.

Candi  said her children with Holyfield, witnessed the attack, Candi added that days after that happened  he threw a bottle of water at her, in the legal documents Mrs. Holyfield stated the the abused began ever since she was pregnant with their first child and continued over the years.

Read the restraining order here.

Candi filed for divorce after the domestic abuse, but he talked her into work things over, she dismissed the protective order within days and even it was reported they would appeared at Dr. Phil

But things did not improve and today after two years Candi is officially a single woman. The divorce papers were finalized at a the Georgia Superior Court. It was stated that the former couple agreed on a settlement regarding property division, custody, spousal and child support,

Candi Calvana Smith Evander Holyfield wife photoCandi Calvana Smith Evander Holyfield wife picCandi Holyfield evander Holyfield wife photo

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