January 18, 2021

Carrie Reichert is Prince Harry’s Las Vegas Naked Party Girl (PHOTOS)

According to this girl Carrie Reichert she spend some naked time with Prince Harry at his hotel suite in Las Vegas, want to know more about Carry and Harry wild night in Las Vegas?

32-year-old Carrie Reichert the sexy blonde originally born in in the UK (her father a US serviceman, was stationed at Lakenheath, Suffolk when she was born), but now a esthetician in San Diego California, she was among other girls selected to spend a wild time at Prince Harry’s penthouse suite in Las Vegas where he stripped from his clothes.

‘Hey, would you like to party with Prince Harry?’ I’m not going to pass an opportunity to party with Prince Harry.

“At first you think it’s a line. People will say anything to get you to go anywhere in Vegas.

“There was a bunch of us, it wasn’t just me and my girlfriends, it was just random. They were just picking really pretty girls, about 10 of us.”

Carrie said it was not like an orgy or anything like that but a sexy wild party where she kissed with a very drunk and undress Harry

“I introduced myself, and right away knew he was completely wasted, very intoxicated. I had to let him know I knew who he was, and that I was born in England and right away he was like ‘Oh my Gosh, that’s amazing! I can’t believe you’re here in Vegas, we could be related’. I have blue eyes and he was going on and on.

“And I was like ‘Ah! He likes me!’ He was happy-go-lucky, yeah, just going with the flow. He gave me a huge hug and I introduced myself, and yeah, the party’s going.”

“We both walked back ­together, and he grabbed my hand and walked back toward his bedroom. I found my way back there with him.

“We were talking and we had found some similarities and some interests him and I had together. And I was ­interested of course. Yeah, I followed him back to his bedroom.

“He was fixated that we had something in common and we kept talking, I spent seven years of my childhood in England and it played a big part of my life, so we had lots to discuss.

“He said that he liked my eyes and was just going on and on about the military. He didn’t make too much sense. Then he grabbed my hand and we went back to his room.

“There was not very much talking at that time, his clothes were off. I had a bikini on. A string bikini. I had a party dress over that, and that came off. And I just had a bikini.” Carrie and Harry then had what she describes as a “drunken fumble”.

We kissed for 15 to 20 minutes. I am sure somebody ­stumbled in as there were people going in and out of rooms all the time. We kissed again and he said ‘That was great’.

“He told me I was beautiful and ­gorgeous, which was sweet. Then we kind of nonchalantly returned to the party and kept drinking.”

“We went back into the living area and I assumed people knew but ­everyone acted like nothing happened.

By the time carried arrived at Harry’s bedroom he was already naked, he was screaming to get everybody’s attention but most importantly to get everybody naked. Carrie is not the girl with the Prince Harry  revealed in the photos published by TMZ, nor does she know that girls’ name but she did talk about her..

“I saw the girl, there was just a lot of hugging and maybe some kissing. Just a lot of laughing. It seemed like he was overbearing a little bit, and she was kind of shy and very timid.

“I didn’t catch her name as we were all drinking. She was an American girl. She was very slender, really cute and pretty, kind of shy and she also seemed really drunk.

“I saw her trip over a couple of times. But he was laughing and thought it was really ­funny. And there were pictures being taken. I didn’t take any personally.” Carrie says Harry’s pals encouraged him to behave outrageously.

“He was being egged on. They thought it was hilarious. It was just, ‘Oh, Harry! Go play some pool while you’re ­naked!’ and just egging him on like, ‘Go hug her’.

“It was happening in the living area. Where the gaming room was. They were holding each other, talking and ­kissing and stuff.”

About Carrie Reichert?

Ms. Reinchert studied at Junipero Serra High School, after she graduated from high school in 1990 she studied interior design at San Diego University, also studied Fashion and business at Jefferson Davis College and Esthetics at Je Boutique.

These days Carrie Reichert is a certified esthetician microdermabrasion professional ,in 2004 she became the owner of SpaCarrie Wellness Studio in San Diego

Carrie is a licensed as an Esthetician by the State of California since 2005, Carrie is also certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, skin growth removal, Microdermabrasion and various skin peel modalities including TCA peels.  Specializing in the treatment of environmentally damaged skin, Acne, Rosacea and Hyper-Pigmentation, Carrie has developed a unique understanding of these conditions.  Also known for her signature facials and signature eyebrow design technique, Carrie customizes a relaxing yet therapeutic treatment for each client in order to ensure outstanding and lasting results.

You can find Carrie Reichert on Facebook here

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