March 5, 2021

Cassondra Hegyes is Robert Hegyes Daughter

Welcome Back Actor Robert Hegyes died yesterday of heart failure, he is survived by his beloved brother and sisters as well as by his adorable children Mac and Cassondra and step-children Alex and Sophia Kessler.

Robert Hegyes daughter Cassondra Hegyes

Cassondra Hegyes is the stunning, talented and caring 24 year-old daughter of  actor Robert Hegyes who for 4 years gave life to Juan Epstein in the television series Welcome Back Kotter. As you all known Mr. Hegyes died yesterday from an heart attack at John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey. He was 60.

Hegyes has gone to a better place but there is no doubt his memory will live forever in the hearts and minds of all of those who knew him, especially his amazing children Mac, Alex, Sophia and the beautiful Cassondra, who is the object of our attention today. This is what we  know about this gorgeous young woman.

Cassondra or Cassie as some of her family and friends call her went to the University of California in Santa Cruz (UCSC) got her BA in Film and Digital Media, Sociology last year.

Cassondra worked at X-Large Clothing the company her step-mother Cynthia Wylie was partner for 12 years, Cassie served as Director of Webstore Client Relations, for three years she was a sales Associate at D.N.A Store. Two years ago she became  an Operation Assistant Manager at Ship Smart Inc. where she still works.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Cassondra, her brother Mac, Alec and Sophia, other members of her beloved family and friends throughout this difficult time.

Robert Hegyes daughter Cassondra Hegyes picCassondra Hegyes Robert Hegyes DaughterCassondra Hegyes Robert Hegyes daughter  picCassondra Hegyes Robert Hegyes Daughter pic

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