October 28, 2020

Cynthia Wylie is Welcome Back Kotter Actor Robert Hegyes Ex-Wife

Robert Hegyes the 60 year-old Welcome Back, Kotter. actor died from an apparent heart attack, He was not married at the time but we’d love to know more about his personal life, previous marriages, children and more importantly about his last wife Cynthia Wylie

Cynthia Wylie Robert Hegyes ex wife picture

Robert Hegyes  from New Jersey he comes from a Hungarian/ Italian and American decedents, his acting blossomed ever since he was in high school, as a college student  he made his debut in Broadway, although he starred in several television series and movies his role as Juan Epstein made him famous.

His cool curls had us falling love with his character and a few ladies felt for him off-screen, his got married to his first wife Mary Kunes in 1973, that marriage last for years he then got married  to Kyle Drummer in  1979, that didn’t last either divorcing in 1984. Three years later he tied the knot with Lynn O’Hare the mother of his eldest children Cassondra (24)  and Mac (20) they divorce  in 1993. Then came our girl Cynthia Wylie..

It is unknown how exactly Cynthia and Hegyes met or how, they got married in 1994, together they raised his children Mac and Cassondra who by way uses Cynthia last name (at least on Facebook). Wylie  and her hubby also raised two more children 23 year-old Alex and 20 year-old Sophia.

As for Cynthia A. Wylie bio, we  can tell you that grew up in a farm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has one brother Jeff. Went to Penn State University, was part of Penn’s Equestrian team, got her B.S., Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology in 1980,  the next year she enrolled at Georgetown University where four years later she got her M.A in Economics and International Finance.

Mrs. Wylie worked as an analyst at The World Back in 1983, the following year she was Assistant Vice- President at the First Interstate Bank, in 1987 she co- funded Maui Toys, in 1996 she was Vice- President Finance at BCNG Max Azria and partner at X-Large clothing, funded First Friday Masterminds. Bloomers! Edutainment LLC her company was created in 2009..

This is from her website Bloomers Island

“The Bloomers! mission is to bring the magical world of gardens, flowers, plants and nature to life, in exciting new ways for young children.

We believe that when children are excited about nature, excitement grows to passion – and passion for how the world is regarded and cared for is the single most important ingredient for the healthiest planet and healthiest people possible.

When rich play meets a variety of playgrounds, it compels children to engage with the natural world around them in relevant and fun ways. Bloomers! is comprised of three ‘playgrounds’ that are authentically linked so that developmental milestones can be reached, educational moments can be achieved, and most importantly children keep the experience alive in their world.”

Cynthia Wylie is the book author of As The Crow Flies, The Art of Cynthia Wylie, and Cynthia Wylie’s Sitting Room published in 2010.

Cynthia went to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena her paintings and prints are included in the collections of Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Kliman (producer of “The Aviator”) and Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Stahler (founder of Kaplan, Stahler, Gumer Literary Agency).

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One thought on “Cynthia Wylie is Welcome Back Kotter Actor Robert Hegyes Ex-Wife

  1. According to other websites they were never married. I’m curious how they got together with such young kids. Did they leave their respective spouses for this relationship and how did he have custody of his two young kids. Were the biological parents of the 4 kids involved because according to Wikipedia his 2 kids consider her their mom. And what ended their 13 year relationship after the kids got older? He was a talented, hip, cool guy, but 3 marriages and 1 long-term girlfriend? I wonder what was really going on with all of them? But I admire his talent immensely, he certainly was an accomplished man. Acting, writing, teaching, etc. We lost a great one with him.

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