March 5, 2021

Donna Wilson Scott Is Top Gun Director Tony Scott’s Wife (PHOTOS)

Another tragedy death hit the new today when Top Gun director Tom Scott was found dead after he jumped off a Los Angeles bridge. Tony is survived by his beloved sons and beautiful wife Donna Wilson Scott and his brother film director Ridley Scott.


65-year-old Director  Tony Scott from North Shields, England to Elizabeth and Francis Percy Scott, his older brother is Riley Scott,  who became the role model for Tony into the film industry.

During his amazing career as a movie director Tony had the opportunity to work with  the best actor and actresses in the world, from Dezel Washington, Robert Redford, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, John Leguiziano and certainly Tom Cruise.

Tony Scott first movie was The Hunger in 1983, Tom Gun in 1986, Beverly Hills Cop in 87, Revenge in 1990, Days Of Thunder that same year, The Last Boy Scout in 1991, True Romance in 1993, Crimson Tide in 1995, The Fan 1996, Enemy Of The State 1998, Spy Game 2001, Man Of Fire 2004, Domino in 2004, Déjà vu 2006, The Taking of Pelham 123 2009, Unstoppable in 2010.

In television he was executive producer at  AFP: American Fighter Pilot 2002, Numb3rs 2009-10, The Good Wife, 2009-12, Gettysburg 2011, Labyrinth 2012. He directed t.v commercials for Marlboro in 2003 (One Man, One land), in 2002 for the US Army (Ice Soldier, Telecom Italia in 2000 with the especial appearances of Woody Allen and Marlon Brando. Plus directed George Michael’s 1988 music video for One More Time and Kenny Rogers’ 1986 video for Danger Zone.

His greatest achievements was his beloved family Donna his third wife and their two sons Max ad Frank.

But before Donna came to his life Tony Scott was married to Gerry Scott  a set designer, who he first began dating in 1963, they eventually got married in 1967 and divorced in 1973. His second wife was advertising executive Glynis Sanders again he dated her from 1977 until 1986 when the got married, a year later she filed for divorce after it was rumored she caught him having an affair with Brigitte Nielsen.

48-year-old Donna Wilson Scott a beautiful actress and model from North Caroline, who attended the University of North Carolina, majoring in communications and dance, but it was her impressive good looks that put her on the center of several beauty pageants and was even crowded Miss North Carolina, USA.

At that point ad agencies were eager to have her on one of the commercials and she sure did, she was everywhere you look, soon acting came knocking on her door, Donna Wilson was just a beautiful 18-year-old young woman when she starred in Vanishing America. Donna was fascinated with acting but knew she must learn more so she got into HB Studios and began her studies.

In 1990 she was among the great cast of her hubby to-be Days of thunder where she starred ad Darlene, the following year she appeared in the Last Boy Scout and Get Shorty in 1995. what happened between 1992 and 1995 with Dona Wilson’s life?

Well on November 24, 1994 she got married to Tony Scott and became known as Donna Wilson Scott, the name she appeared on the cast of Get Shorty and Dark Breed in 1996 and continued to used in the years to come.

In 1997 she starred as Fembot in Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery that same year she portrayed a Quickie Mart Patron in Pulp Fiction as Jenny in Enemy Of The State, a Nurse in Idle Hands in 1999.

She worked with her husband in his 2005 film Domino as Agent Dina Wilson and again in 2006 as Beh in Déjà vu, The Uninvited as Dr, Schulman in 2008. In 2009 she was Ruthie in Maneater, Kelly in the 2012 film Any day Now as Barbara in Water For Elephants.

In television Donna Scott’s most recent work was as Mara Stokes in The Good Wife, before that she portrayed Winter Kote in 3Way, Cat in South of Nowhere from 2005-2006. In 2002 she made a cameo in CSI in 2002 as a waitress and also in 02 in The District.

From 1996 to 2001 Donna gave life to Tamara Van Zant in Nash Bridges, got in the military in the series  Soldier of Fortune, Inc. as Lieutenant Grace in 1998 and from 19966 until the following year she starred as Genevieve La Donville.

Donna Wilson was blessed in 2000 with the birth of her beautiful twin sons Frank and Max, words can not describe the pain she and her beautiful family are going thru right now, her beloved husband Tony Scott jumped to his death at noon on August 19th, 2012 of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro port in L.A.

Police found a suicide note and information about who to contact inside his car a Toyota Prius  parked near the bridge, some media suggested what might have driven the director to suicide was the fact that Tony was bating with inoperable brain cancer. Witnesses said they saw him get out of the car, walked to the fence climbed it and jumped without any hesitation.

According to recent reports Tony Scott’s wife Donna told investigations her husband did not have brain cancer.

“Through a family spokesperson, we have been advised that Mr. Scott did not have brain cancer or (an) inoperable tumor,”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna, her son, director Riley Scott, other members of  his family, friends and fans throughout this terrible sad time.

Donna Wilson Scott Photos

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