January 23, 2021

Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCartney Married Happily Ever After?

Singer Donnie Wahlberg, 45,  married former Playboy playmate Jenny McCartney,42, on August 31, 2014. They married in a very lavish affair, in front of friends, family and a lot of notable people. Everything  was meticulously  planned, down to the napkins and seating arrangements. Some insiders in the know are speculating that the marriage may be a little too perfect. Some have been wondering out loud if the relationship has been orchestrated so the couple could snag a reality show. Stranger things in Hollywood certainly have happened many times.

Wahlberg, mostly known as a member of the boy band, ‘New Kids On The Block’, had a reality show on A & E  called ‘Wahlburgers’. He stars along side his brothers Paul and Mark Wahlburg. The show chronicles the family business venture, a string of family dinning establishments, mostly in the Eastern part of the United States. The show premiered in January 2014. A year later there was a spin off ‘Donnie loves Jenny’. The first episode chronicled the couple’s wedding and preparations for it. An A & E camera crew was at the wedding filming for the upcoming show that they already signed on to. Many have speculated that the whole relationship was cultivated  for television.

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McCartney and Wahlberg both have been married before. McCartney was married to actor, director John Mallory Asher from 1999 to 2005, the pair have a son named Evan,12. The boy was diagnosed with Autism. McCartney has drawn a lot of criticism for her anti vaccine stance. She has stated she believes some vaccines cause autism and other diseases. She was also the live in girlfriend of actor Jim Carrey from 2005 until 2010. Wahlberg was married Kim Fey when their son Xavier was 6 years old in August of 1999. The pair had a second son, Elijah on August 20th, 2001, the couple’s 2nd wedding anniversary. The pair eventually divorced in 2008, after being married for 9 years.

McCartney discussed her wedding for a second time, she said” the good thing about something being the second time around, there was a good rehearsal. I knew what to expect, I also knew how to enjoy the moment. I also knew how to prep, which meant hire someone else to do all the work. I just concentrated on my self. She also said “I wrote the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Everything the officiator said, I wrote. It was perfect, and I wrote a moment in there where I have him say, to ask for a moment and take in everybody. It was good, all of his groomsmen were new kids. Growing in my wildest dreams I never thought they would be my groomsmen. The only snag was the weather, we had to have it inside.

My son Evan gave me away.” She said she had no idea it would be that wonderful, she said her son said he has the best step dad. She said of Whalberg being her son’s stepfather, ” It’s just been me and him for all these years, to have someone come in and love us, and to have  a shoulder. Everything I wanted for Evan and everything I wanted for me is all materializing now.”

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