November 29, 2020

Elie Taktouk- Daniella Semaan’s ex-Husband

Did you know Daniella Semaan was still together with her husband Elie Taktouk when she hook up with Cesc Fabregas? According to Mr. Taktouk they were and he is calling Fabregas a wives thief, Yikes!

The talked to 38-year-old Elie Taktouk about his ex-wife Daniella Semaan who we all know has been dating Barcelona Fc  player Cesc Fabregas since last year.

About that time we did this article on Daniella in Spanish and what called my attention was the hateful comments left my readers not just because they loved Cesc but because they knew Daniella might have been cheating on her husband.

It was Daniella’s ex Elie Taktouk who confirmed that gossip, and even said he and Daniella who were married for over a decade where trying for a third child, they already have an eleven-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son

“I was completely numb and in shock for months. I was in denial but I never wanted her back.”

“The minute I saw those pictures I felt disgusted by her behavior and just cut off all emotions. We were trying for a baby when this happened.”

“I am not surprised by him — I wouldn’t expect less from him. I am not interested in him.”



Read more about Elie Taktouk here.

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