January 22, 2021

Erika Marquez- Boxer Juan Manuel Marquez’ Wife

Everybody is anxious to see the battle between Juan Manuel Márquez and Philippine Manny Pacquiao on December 8th. This is not the first time they fight. But she who’s most nervous about it, is his wife: Erika Márquez (38 years old.)

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Juan Manuel married Erika in 1996. They have 3 children, Aldo (13 years old,) Juan, (6 years old) and Allison, also named Gigi (4 years old.) Juan Manuel Márquez’s record is 53 wins (39 knockouts), 5 Defeats, and 1 Draw among 4 weight classes. Márquez is 39 years old and his opponent is younger. Experience might win this time. He is looking forward a knock-out!

Erika must be still celebrating Dinamita’s (Dynamite), Juan Manuel’s nickname,  latest victory.

This is what he said after he won the fight:

I want to dedicate this to all of my fans around the world, my family, my kids, my wife and the Mexican fans around the world. I have prepared very hard and I am ready.

Erika is also Mexican and is tight with her family traditions. Dynamite also acknowledges this from her:

My family is my strength and inspiration, I have been a professional boxer for many years and they have always given me their unconditional support is because of that that I give all I got into my fights.

She doesn’t go to see her husband getting punched nor her kids. Aldo doesn’t want to be a boxer like daddy… She reinforces this decision:

I don’t go to the fights because Juan doesn’t like to mix business and family life. I don’t think you ever get used to it. We are always thinking positively that the fight will turn out alright. I don’t go to his fights because it makes me nervous and that is the least he needs, so we support him and allow him to do his job

Marquez is also famous for drinking his own urine  when training.

Erika and Juan Manuel are very close and she once admitted:

He takes off his gloves with me so he can iron and make the dishes.


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