January 17, 2021

Florence and the Machine Robert Ackroyd and Katy Perry Kissing Pictures at Coachella

Kay Perry and Robert Ackroyd member of Florence and the Machine were spotted kissing at Coachella Music festival, I guess she is no t dating  that sexy French model after all, have you seen Katy and Ackroyd PDA’s pics? Have a look!!

A few months ago we heard that singer Katy Perry might be getting close with Karl Lagerfeld star model Baptiste Giabiconi, but it seemed  that Katy dumped the French model after her friends warned her about him using her for fame and to boost his music career.

So what better choice than to move on with someone who doesn’t need fame or attention, perhaps someone like sexy Robert Ackroyd? who is a guitarist with Florence and the Machine, since he is British and she is relocating there, this new relationship  might turn out to be pretty convenient. The same weakened Katy and Robert were spotted holding hands at Rihanna’s performance with Calvin Harris.


While we don’t know  much about Robert’s romantic life until today, I think you can all back me up by saying that they make a cute couple, so I am not going to keep talking because it is time for you to check Katy Perry and her new boyfriend guitarist Robert Ackroyd k-i-s-s-i-n-g!!!

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