January 15, 2021

Is Cressida Bonas Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend or is It Cara Delevingne?

So Prince Harry of Wales has been seen with two stunning models, both blonde, both very attractive and media has been referring to both girls as Harry’s new girlfriend, but who is he dating, model Cara Delevingne or Cressida Bonas? who dumped him after his naked scandal in Las Vegas?? Prince Harry girlfriend Cressida Bonas Read: Cressida Bonas is Prince Harry’s Girlfriend! (photos, wiki, bio, pic, age, family)

Media reported Harry made a surprise appearance at the Batman premiere in London with his cousin Eugeni and her beau Jack Brooksbank. after the movie he hit the afterparty at Covent Garden and then went to Le Salon Club in Mayfair where he stayed until 4:00 a.m, but before he left young Cressida Bonas left, the same girl who was sitting next to him at the movie theater and seen in her car leafing Le salon Club, not Cara Delingne, I think the Dailymail made a tiny mistake. check their story publish on July 18th here and their story on the 19th here, oh well we are only humans, we all make mistakes. Sadly we won’t be seeing Cressida with Harry much longer, after photos of Harry were revealed naked by TMZ with a naked petite blonde behind him, it was reported Cressida felt humiliated by the pictures and even though she still has not his royal butt, she needs time out..

“He’s ruined his chances now.’ a friend of the heiress is quoted today.’ Harry has blown it. Cressida saw a future with him, but he clearly isn’t as serious about her as he claimed to be. They had been for a few dates including one just before Necker. Things went further there between them and they had a great time fooling around.” ‘Everyone in their group thought they were getting it on. Cressida definitely saw the romance as a goer and is gutted by what happened. ‘The relationship was pretty low key to begin with, but some of Cressida’s friends say it won’t get off the ground now. Cressida is pretty peeved.’


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