March 3, 2021

Is Model Anastassia Khozissova Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius’ Girlfriend or is it Vicky Miles?

The personal life of south African runner Oscar Pistorius is on the loop as he made his Olympic debut in London, but who is the lucky lady in the Blade Runner’s heart? is is longtime girlfriend Vicky Miles or is he dating Russian model Anastassia Khozissova?


25-year-old Oscar Pistorius aka The Blade Runner and The fastest Man with No Legs is the magnificent double amputee runner who has stunned the world as with his high spirit, talent and courage every time he enters a competition with his Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by the  Icelandic company Össur.

Oscar was born in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa with fibular hemimelia deficiency which means he was born without fibula on both legs, he had his legs amputated when he was 11 months, but having no legs didn’t stop him from practicing rugby, water polo, tennis and wrestling at school. He began running in 2003 after  he suffered a knee injury and running was part of his rehabilitation. The rest is history, Pistorius has won over 18 gold medals, 3 silver and one bronze medals.

And what about his personal life? For years he has been dating a pretty girl identified as Vicky Miles his high school sweetheart, they split up in 2008 but rekindle their relationship soon after, Oscar has not been shy about the role Vicky has on his life and his future.

Oscar Pistorius Vicky Miles (2)Vicky Miles Oscar Pistorius picVicky Miles Oscar Pistorius picture

God, my family, my friends, my girlfriend [Vicky Miles] and fast cars make me happy. You can do as much as you wish, but it will always be more difficult if you don’t walk with God. Vicky and I have been together since school days. We did take a short break. She’s amazing and supports me without getting too involved in my athletics.

By the time I’m 50, I hope to be married with a family, dog and white picket fence around my house. Owning a restaurant is a dream. I love food and working with people.

But it seems that Oscar and Vicky broke up for good this year, they remain friends but he is allegedly dating a stunning model now.

Oscar Pistorius’ new rumored girlfriend is Russian model Anastassia Khozissova.

33-year-old Anastassia was born in Saratov, Russia on April 16th, 1979, standing at 5’10 Khozissova is now living in New York and is part of the  stunning models at Trump Models. She has been in campaigns for Lacroix, Valentino, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gianfranco Ferre, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Balengiaga, Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacons, Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Rucci, Karl Lagerfeld, Chado and Ralph Lauren who considers her one of their favorite, dearest models.

She began modeling by the time she was 17 making her modeling debut for Giorgio Armani. Anastassia’s next step took her under the lenses of Steven Meisel for the cover of Vogue Italia, shge has also been in French and Italian Elle, V Magazine, L’Officiel, Russian L’Officiel, W, Harper’s Bazaar, i-D. She has also been on the fragrance ads for Thierry Mugler and Italian singer Nek’s music video Laura Non c’e.

At Ralph Lauren Anastassia Khozissova has been in charge of training young models, her training methods are so famous and efficient that Trump Models have been turn them into a series of online videos called High Heel Boot Camp.

As for her relationship with the Blade Runner it was reported that she met him in New York and have been dating for nearly two months, the New York Post reported that they were spotted in Chelsea holding hands.

Check Anastassia’s Blog here

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