October 20, 2020

Is Tenley Dene Joe Manganiello’s New Girlfriend? Or Is it dancer Veronique Lazoore?

True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello broke up with his longtime girlfriend and fiance Audra Marie, but he didn’t single for long as he was spotted with a sexy blonde holding hands and well.. sucking face, but who is this mysterious blonde? is she Tenley Dene? or French hottie Veronique Lazoore? Find out.

Joe Manganiello girlfriend Tenley Dene

35-year-old Joe Manganiello and his rocky abs has taken the breath of a thousand female fans all over the globe, certainly I am included, so it was well,  let’s be honest a pleasant  news to hear that he and his girlfriend Audra split up last September but we can’t expect a guy like Joe to stay single for long as so it was the charming prince found himself a new gal, braless gal but damn sexy.

The Dailymail reported today that Joe and his new girlfriend locking lips, holding hands while they went for a stroll in Los Angeles, but who is she? Perez Hilton said is Tenley Dene?

Joe’s newest role is as Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike where Tenley has an uncredited role as a club goer, not enough to prove it she is the girl with Joe in L.A but  we are definitely going to find out more about Dene, just in case.

This sexy blond named Tenley Jella Dene from Arizona went to Corona del Sol High School after graduating in 2001 she studied Travel and tourism management, Journalism, public relations and communications at Arizona State University until 2005.

Tenley worked at American Spirit Pagents and Infinite Spectrum Productions. Part of her filmography includes Wild Ride, Noir You Didn’t, Vx2 in 2010. In 2011 she portrayed a model in Take me Home tonight, and was a dancing patron at Cathedral Patron.

This year Tenley starred as Stacey in the t,v series Temporary Setbacks. got three uncredited roles in Suspicion (as a college student), and in Magic Mike and you can see  Ms. Dene as a talking head reporter in Crushed Velvet. Other skills she holds includes playing the violin and the piano, plus she is a freestyle and hip hop dancer.

Tenley is quite an athletic gal, she practices  snowboarding, aerobics, softball, bowling, weightlifting, swimming, Volleyball, cycling, tennis, rollerblading, tennis and baseball. Her Facebook page is here and Twitter here.

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But still the question remains is Joe dating Tenley or French cabaret dancer Veronique Lazoore with whom he was spotted last month?

There is not we could find about Ms. Lazoore, she is a 23-year-old French dancer, some said cabaret dancer and dances for the Paris Lido Bonheur Cabaret, Veronique resides in Paris. Veronique dances Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary, jazz, tap, salsa, tango, swing, country and breakdancing. Veronique Lazoore Twitter is here

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