November 28, 2020

James Gooding Is Sadie Frost’s Model Boyfriend

Jude Law’s ex –wife actress Sadie Frost received a warning followed an altercation between her and her boyfriend model James Gooding. Want to know more

Sadie Frost James Gooding

47-year-old actress Sadie Frost has been married twice first in 1998 she married Gary Kemp father of her eldest son 22-year-old Finlay, after their divorce in 1995, she began dating Jude who she met a year earlier, they got married in 1997, but then in 2003 after 6 years of marriage and three children together 16-year-old Rafferty, 12-year-old Iris and 10-year-old Rudy they got divorce.

We all know Jude’s dating history, but Sadie had managed to keep sort of a low profile about her boyfriends followed her divorce.

Certainly her relationship with handsome James Gooding can’t be described as low profile, especially when she was arrested followed a heated argument with James.

“A woman, aged 47, was arrested on suspicion of common assault. The man did not need hospital treatment.”

37-year-old James Gooding a former model turned actor/ director had been dating Frost for several months, he previously dated Kylie Minogue and Winona Ryder.

James Gooding Winona RyderJames Gooding Kylie Minogue picJames Gooding Kylie minogue

He graduated from film School but it was photography that gave his recognition all over for his involvement in important campaigns, plus he produced online digital campaigns and print campaigns for the band Dirty Vegas, Samsung, Puma, Honda, Droga5, Omega and Brother Europe.

James Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend picsJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend-picsJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend-picture

James was a model for Boss in the 90’s appeared in several ads campaigns and walked fashion shows for almost every top designer.

James Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend pictureJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend-imageJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend-photoJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend-imagesJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend-photosJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend picturesJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend_image

James was 27 when he dated Kylie Minogue who was 34, their breakup was not pretty, not that they are but when James gave a kiss-and-tell interview about his relationship with Kylie that included his affair with Sophie Dahl while with Kylie, things can get a bit stressful. James said he cheated on Kylie because he was afraid of loosing her just like he lost his mother when he was 9 and she left him in a foster home, Ah?? cheating was his idea of not losing his girlfriend?

So he is not that lovely  despite his sexy physique Sadie Frost’s BFF Kate Moss couldn’t stand him and even banned him from joining them at her yacht party.

“Kate didn’t want him hanging around so she vetoed him from having yacht fun.” Sadie will now join mates Kate and Fran Cutler in the sun without James”

James Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend photoJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend picJames Gooding Sadie Frost boyfriend photos

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