January 16, 2021

Janay Rice A Closer Look At The Wife Of Ray Rice!

Ray Rice, 27 is now the new face of domestic violence. Rice only a few short months ago, looked like he had it all. A contract worth millions of dollars with the NFL, a beautiful wife, and healthy  daughter. Everything looked bright and rosy for Mr. Ray Rice. Fast forward to September 2014 and a grainy video surveillance camera footage. In the video viewers see an image of the now disgraced former running back for the Baltimore Ravens, punching his then fiancee Janay Palmer. After he punched her to an unconscious state, he can be seen dragging her lifeless body outside of the elevator, while retrieving her shoes. The incident in question took place last February outside of a hotel casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The couple were each charged with assault, but the charges against Janey were eventually dismissed. Rice was indicated on first degree felony assault on March 27th, 2014. He married Janey his high school sweetheart less then 24 hours later, on March 28th. The wedding was originally scheduled for the summer of 2014. Many believe the wedding was rushed, so that Janey wouldn’t be able to testify against her now husband. At first Ray Rice was merely suspended for two games, and agreed to undergo counseling. After a website released the now infamous elevator footage, Rice was indefinitely  suspended from the NFL. Many fans, mental health professionals, and others wondered out loud, why Janey would not only take him back but marry him, and publicly support her husband, and say she was responsible for the assault too.

Janey,Ray and Rayven Rice
Janey,Ray and Rayven Rice

Not a lot is known about Mrs. Ray Rice, except the fact that she has become the public face of a battered wife, that refuses to leave her batterer. Janey Palmer Rice, 26, grew up Mount Vernon, NY, in what many call a crime ridden area. She met her future husband when she was a high school student taking some college courses at Westchester Community College. The two became in- separable, after their first date at the Cheesecake Factory. Rice played college football at Rutgers. When he was drafted to the Ravens, Janey followed  him to Baltimore and began living with him there. While he worked Janey started to attend college. In 2010 she was arrested and charged with theft of a dress valued at $1000.00, she plead guilty and was given probation. Rice stood by her, buying her an engagement ring shortly afterward, and bought her new car, for graduating from Towson University. The couple have a two year daughter, Rayven born in February 2012.  She remains fiercely loyal to her husband, and has spoken out publicly against the media and others who have been vocal detractors of her husband. Both the Rice’s claim the incident in the elevator is not who they are, they are a loving couple devoted to the welfare and care of their daughter. They both have claimed the elevator incident was a 30 second mistake that they both have to live with for the rest of their lived. Mrs. Rice wants the public and media not to interfere in her personal family life.

Donna Thomas

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