Jason Aldean Marries Other Woman Brittany Kerr!

County singing superstar Jason Aldean, 38, married former American Idol participant Brittany Kerr,27. The couple had been engaged for six months prior to their wedding in Mexico over the weekend. The two were first spotted converting with each other in Hollywood in 2012, when Aldean was still married to his wife of 11 years, Jessica Ussery.

The two were photographed kissing each other. Aldean’s wife Jessica filed for divorce shortly after the kissing pictures surfaced. Although Aldean at the time tried to dismiss the pictures as just the result of too many drinks at a bar. He went so far as to take to his public Facebook page “I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself. I’m not perfect and I’m sorry for disappointing you guys.” At the time he implied that he was trying to work on his marriage and fix his problems.

Aldean and Ussery were High School sweethearts. They started dating when they were both 17. They would get married on August 4, 2001. The couple had two girls together, Keeley 12, and Kendyl 7. Ussery was very active in managing Aldean’s career. She made all the business calls and arranged his music gigs.

Fans have not been forgiving when it came to Aldean’s cheating. They couldn’t get on social media fast enough to voice their strong disapproval to Aldean’s cheating, and his claims that it only happened once. The new couple Aldean and Kerr kept their relationship and subsequent engagement very quiet, perhaps fearing reprisals from the public.

In a joint statement released Saturday, Aldean said “This is the best day ever. I’ve got my girls here, my friends, my family, this is the best day ever.” His two daughters with Ussery were part of the wedding party. Kerr for her part said “Today has been the best day of my life. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have been able to marry my best friend.”

Lots of friends and family of the couple were present at the Mexican nuptials. One notable guest was A & E star Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Some other notable country singers, Luke Bryan and Eric Church were also present. Aldean has achieved huge success in the Country music industry with five platinum records. He’s had some cross over appeal too, with his Kelly Clarkson duet ‘Don’t you want to stay.” He’s a long list of country chart toppers, like the party anthem ‘1994’.

He’s even had success merging hip hop and country. He collaborated with hip hopper Ludicrous with ‘Dirt Road Anthem’. He started playing the guitar after his father bought him one when he was 13. Of the cheating scandal he told Robin Roberts of ABC, he went out when he wasn’t happy in his marriage. He said he let his guard down a bit, and one thing led to another. He said that sort of thing is hard enough to deal with privately but to have it blown up the way it did was at times unbearable. He said of the infamous night in question, he was photographed, leaving the bar without Kerr but with friends. Time will tell if this second marriage, will be happily ever after.







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