March 5, 2021

Jeff Probst & Wife Lisa Ann Russell Form a Happy Blended Family!

Survivor Host Jeff Probst and wife of 4 years, Lisa Ann Russell happily parent children. Probst married actress and ex wife of actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Lisa Russell,42 in 2011. She had been previously married to ‘Saved By The Bell’ alumni Gosselaar. The two had two children together during their for 14 year marriage. Russell and Gosselaar filed for divorce in 2010 and Russell married Probst the same year her divorce was final from Gosselaar in 2011. Russell a former model and actress says that she gets along very well with Gosselaar and co-parents their two children together. Probst who is some 11 years older than his current wife, was also married previously. He married a psychotherapist named Shelley Wright in 1996. That marriage lasted five years and did not produce any children. Probst happily co-parents Russell’s two children, and also says he has a great relationship with Gosselaar and his current wife, Catriona McGinn in July 2012, the couple have two children together, he has four children all together.JeffProbsts

Lisa Russell hails from Sterling Illinois, she had aspirations of being in show business from a very early age. She eventually moved to Los Angeles, after living in New York and Chicago. She went on several acting and modeling auditions while she struggled along in the early days in Hollywood. She eventually landed a major modeling gig with Revlon. She was also going on TV auditions, and landed a guest appearance on ‘Saved By The Bell’. It is during her time on Saved By the Bell that she met her former husband.

The two went off to Maui, Hawii to get married in 1996, she continued to do a little acting by appearing n a few TV movies and motion picture releases. Her marriage to Gosselaar lasted 14 years but became very troubled towards the end of it, promoting the mode to file. Russell has said she wasn’t really looking for love when she met Probsts, it just kind of happened.

Meanwhile Russell’s new husband Jeff Probsts the host of the ever popular TV show ‘Survivor’ has been on TV for 26 seasons and 13 years. Probsts has traveled the world with the show, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Probst talked recently about how he keeps the show fresh, he’s also the executive producer of the show. He said, “You just have to keep it fresh, you don’t change the whole recipe. You just freshen it up a bit, on Survivor if we can come in with one new element each season, that’s usually enough. You want the same thing, but you just want it a little different, that’s what keeps it fresh and interesting for the viewers.” He was speaking of his future and said he doesn’t see any type of movie career for himself in the future. He also wrote a book called “Stranded” that received mixed reviews. It was a book targeted at kids from 8 to 12 years old. He said the book came about from Lisa bringing two kids into his life. He is a father in a sense for the first, since he has no biological children of his own.


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