September 19, 2020

Jennifer Wade Is John Cleese’s Wife (PHOTOS)

British actor John Cleese is no longer a single man, he and his girlfriend designer Jennifer Wade got married, becoming his fourth wife the  first British woman out of his three American ex-wives. Read more about that story and about Jennifer Wade Cleese!

John Cleese wife Jennifer Wade

72-year-old John Cleese first walked down the aisle in 1968 with American actress Connie Booth, they had one daughter together actress Cynthia Cleese who starred next to his father in the 1988 film A Fish called Wanda where Cynthia (credited as Cynthia Caylor) portrayed Portia Leach the daughter of  Cleese’s character Archie Leach.

John Cleese first wife Connie BoothCynthia Cleese John Cleese daughter

Then in 1981 he got married to Barbara Trentham, another American actress who in 1984 gave Cleese his second daughter Camilla Cleese, they divorce  in 1990.

John Cleese second wife Barbara TrenthamJohn Cleese daughter Camilla Cleese

Two years later in December he married Alyce Faye Eichelberger a U.S psychotherapist who was once married to 68-year-old golfer  Dave Eichelberger, John and Alyce separated in January 2008 and their divorce was finalized in December, after he agreed on giving her £12 million in finance and assets, plus £600,000 a year for seven years.

John Cleese third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger

41-year-old jewelry designer Jennifer Wade is 31 years his junior the daughter of Maxwell and engineer and wife Georgia from Bath, she has one brother Jonathan. Jennifer was born in the UK but she  grew up in the U.S. on July, 2005 she got married to William Norris’s son  Richard Norris in Kensington, they divorced in 2009.

That same year in October while she was in San Francisco promoting her jewelry business Jennifer Wade Jewellery  that she  started in 2007, but she took the opportunity to visit her brother she met John Cleese. Some said they were introduced thru mutual friends others said that Jennifer and the actor’s daughter Camilla are friends. John and Jennifer have been dating ever since.

John and Jennifer got married at a Caribbean villa in the beautiful island of  in Mustique on August, 2012.

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sam@combehay.netJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife photosJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife picJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife picsJohn Cleese, star of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, arrives at Weston Super Mare's Grand Pier with his current girlfriend Jennifer Wade. The film and television star was attending a charity dinner in his home town. 28 November 2010.Jennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife_picJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife_picsJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife_pictureJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife_picturesJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife-picJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife-picsJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife-pictureJennifer Wade Cleese John Cleese wife-pictures

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