March 3, 2021

Jenson Button and GF Jessica Michibata’s Bikini Pictures

F1 driver Jenson Button and his stunning model girlfriend Jessica Michibata showed off their amazing bikini bodies in the South Of France, Check those pics.


31 year-old Formula One champion for McLaren Mercedes Jenson Button born in Somerset has had some stunning girlfriends of his own, 33 year-old actress, model and singer  Louise Griffiths until 2005, Flee or Florence Brunedell Bruce who was until last week dating Prince Harry and now Jenson is dating another model Japanese born Jessica Michibata. Let me tell you a little biography on Jessica Michibata..

The sexy 26 year-old model was actually born in Japan,  her father Annibal comes from a Spanish Argentine and like most people from Argentine Annibal has Italian heritage. Jessica’s mother Tomiko is a a beautiful Japanese woman, her parents divorced when she was still very young, Annibal basically disappeared from her and her sisters lives, Jessica uses her mother’s last name. Jessica Michibata’s sister are Linda Karen who is older (32) than her and  Angelica Patricia her little sister (25), all of them are models.

Ms. Michibata started modeling at 13, she has been a spokesmodel for many famous brands such as L’Oreal, Evian, LUX, Peach John, Aquarious Vitamin Coca Cola, Pure Gumi Kanro, UNIQLO plus she has been featured in music videos like Teriyaki Boyz’s Zock On and Sold Out for Iruka.

Now that we know a little bit more let me show you some of Jessica pictures with her sisters and mother…

jessica michibata mother tomikojessica-miuchibata-sistersjessica-miuchibata-sisters-picturejessica-miuchibata-sisters-picjessica-miuchibata-sisters-picsjessica-miuchibata-sisters-pictures

Jessica and Jenson have been dating since 2009 and here are their photos!!


And a few others..

Jenson_button_jessica_Michibata_bikini picturejenson-button-jessica-michibata-bikini_imagejenson-button-jessica-michibata-bikini_imagesJenson_button_jessica_Michibata_bikini picturesjenson-button-jessica-michibata-bikini_picsjenson-button-jessica-michibata-bikini_photojenson-button-girlfriend-jessica-michibata-picturesJenson_Button_girlfriend_Jessica_Michibatajenson-button-jessica-michibata-bikini_picjenson-button-girlfriend-jessica-michibata-picturejenson-button-jessica-michibata-bikini_photos

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