October 20, 2020

Judy Ogle is Dolly Parton’s BFF and Lesbian Affair

Country music legend Dolly Parton has been happily married to her husband Carl Thomas Dean for over 40 years, but somehow people question her sexuality, is she having a lesbian affair with her longtime girlfriend Judy Ogle?

judy Ogle Dolly Parton friend

65-year-old Singer  Dolly Parton from Tennessee got married to 67-year-old Carl Thomas Dean on May 30, 1966, they have no children, he is rarely seen with her but she insist their marriage is solid and based on love.

“Carl is someone I can count on. I don’t have to wonder where he is – if he’s out running around or if he’s out drunk – because he just loves being home. He is very much a loner; he doesn’t like being around that many people. I am about the only person he really, really likes,’ she says.

‘When I am home and we are together I cook and I pick up and I make the bed. We don’t have people living in our house. We don’t have maids and servants because we both hate that. We are just ordinary people. To be honest, you’d be surprised how ordinary I am in that respect. Home is that place where we are husband and wife and we are very protective of it.’


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But who is a regular by Parton’s public commitments is her dear friend Judy Ogle, who has been her best friend since childhood and became her manager when she became a country star, now  that Dolly is retire Ogle continues to be seen but her side, it is because of their closeness that people wondered if Dolly Parton lives a double life as a lesbian and Judy Ogle her long time lover..

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We’re absolutely, totally honest, open, and comfortable with each other. We’ve been accused of being lovers. We do love each other, but we’ve never been like that.”

“Judy and I have been best friends since we were like in the third and fourth grade,’ she said in the interview.”

“We still just have a great friendship and relationship and I love her as much as I love anybody in the whole world, but we’re not romantically involved.”

Dolly and Judy have been hit with rumors about their relationship for years.judy Ogle Dolly Parton girlfriend pic

Any additional information about her is unknown

I thank God that gave Judy and Carl to me for knowing I was going to need that kind of loyalty and trust, and for the fact that I met them before I was ever a star. They keep me grounded and the two of them get along great. Judy is the only person that Carl doesn’t mind coming in and out of our house,’

judy Ogle Dolly Parton friend picjudy Ogle Dolly Parton friend picsjudy Ogle Dolly Parton friend picturesjudy Ogle Dolly Parton friend picturejudy Ogle Dolly Parton friend

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  1. I served in the Army with Judy in 1977 at Walter Reed Army. Medical Center. She was an awesome person who got along with everybody. She was sensible, and fun to be around. I’m glad she’s done well in her life. You go Judy!

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