January 15, 2021

Kat Ordonez is Manny Pacquiao Alleged Mistress

So Manny Pacquiao won his bout against Juan Manual Marquez but will he win his fight against media and the rumors about him having an affair with Kat Ordonez with who he allegedly fathered a love child?

kat ordonezmanny pacquiao mistress picture

Manny Pacquiao is involved in another cheating scandal again, wait a second did I said AGAIN? He and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao have been married for 11 years, during those he might have or might have not cheated on her not once or twice but three times, the first time came back on 2006 with named Joanna Rose Bascoa, the next year it was rumored Pacquiao had another affair with  actress Ara Mina, and not long after that with Krista Ranillo, any of these turned out to be true, Boy I don’t know, he and his party denied everything and the girls involved didn’t showed any proves to backed up their stories

And this year we heard about Kat Ordonez a 22 year-old a culinary arts student whose boyfriend is Manny’s a former assistant, according to what Kat said she became close friends with the champion and because of that she asked him if he could be her child’s godfather, which explains why on earth was he (Manny) carrying the Ordonez child, with whom he allegedly had an affair where he allegedly got Kat pregnant of her son who was born on November 10, 2010 at the Capital Medical Center.

Kat Ordonez celebrated her baby’s christening on September 17th, 2011 at the St. Francis de Assisi Church in Mandaluyong City  and the reception was held at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel along her family, friend and the godfathers, you see Manny was not the only godfather so were Philip Salvador and Gov. Chavit Singson.

While Kat already said Manny is not the father of her child she has begged for media to stop publishing lies, Pacquiao’s rep said they will solved this illegal paternity issues legally.

Manny’s wife Jinkee said she is so certain the rumors about Pacquiao’s infidelities are false that she would give a Hermes handbag to anyone who can prove Manny in fact has cheated on her.


8 thoughts on “Kat Ordonez is Manny Pacquiao Alleged Mistress

  1. kat is my friend since elementary i know all about her she is not a mistress, and she has a rich family so she dnt need a money from manny.. mganda lng tlaga sya cguro kya naiissue kay manny hahaha

  2. Ooh, just because she’s rich [or her family, that is] doesn’t mean she won’t do anything to be close to billions of pesos. She may be rich, but she ain’t that rich para sabihin hindi sya kakabit sa iba. Remember, hindi dahil maganda sya o mayaman sila, wala na sya balak pumatol sa mas mayaman pa sa kanila, lalo na kung si Manny diba? Sa panahon ngayon, mismo artista nga kumakabit na e, what more pa kung normal na tao lang. It’s funny because they have those pictures on which both Kat and Manny are actually TOO COMFY with each other. Coincidence? Haha. Nag-aamuyan na nga ng hininga e sa sobrang close e, kahit ako man kung close ko si Manny, di ako lalapit ng ganun sa kanya unless may “something”! Ang weird lalo na kung ako yung “TATAY NG BATA NA NASA DUBAI”, dko papayagan yung nanay ng anak ko e ganun na lang kung umasta pag kasama dati kong boss.

  3. Well said, Maricris.

    One more thing, Maricris, you really think we would believe that she comes from a rich family – looking like that and having you as a friend who can’t construct a grammatically correct sentence?

  4. asa ka naman maricris mayaman? wala ngang pambayad ng tuition nya sa collage ung kat ordonez na yan eh pumipili pa sa promisorry note pano mo masasabi na rich? wag mo na pagtakman marami akong kaibigan na kaibigan nya din. alam nyo ang totoo … hindi mayaman yan dati alam nyo yan

  5. I would liking to apologizing to everybody about my having a lots of mistresses. I can’t help it.

  6. It’s not about the money, I love Manny because he is very very handsome. He also have a lot of energy and can do 12 rounds. lawit na dila ko, sya banat pa rin ng banat hihihihi

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