October 25, 2020

Katie O’Gara is MMA fighter Ben Henderson’s Girlfriend or is it Maria Magana?

I am just dying to know more about Katie O’Gara or Katherine O’Gara  the lucky girl who is not just dating Mixed martial arts fighter Ben Henderson but who is also engaged and soon will walk the aisle. Do you know her? any photo of Ben and Katie? or is he not longer with Katie? who is this Maria Magana that media referred as Smooth’s girlfriend?

Ben Henderson girlfriend 2012

So far in my research I learn that 28-year-old Ben Henderson aka “Smooth” from Colorado Springs but his Korean and African  genes is as we all know a Christian along with brother Julius. Song’s Ben’s mother is the responsible for getting him on his way to martial arts, as a child she send him and his brother to Tae Kwon Do, by the time he was at Decatur High he was in the wrestling team same thing when he pursue his double major in criminal justice and sociology from Dana College. Henderson turned pro in 2006 first with World Extreme Cagefight (WEC) holding a record of 16 fights, 14 wins, 2 losses.

He made his debut with the UFC on April, 2012 during UFC 129 where he defeated Mark Bocek, he then faced Jim Miller at UFC Live, winning the bout and met Clay Guida at UFC on Fox, where he also won. Ben will face Frankie Edgar UFC 150  in Denver, he recently defeated Edgar at UFC 144 on February in Japan.

So he is pretty awesome, considering he is a newbie and probably the reason why we can’t find more info about Katie, Henderson’s girlfriend/ fiancé. The stories about who she is and how they met ….are well.. a bit confusing..

Katherine or Katie met Ben Henderson in Hawaii in 2006 he flew there after a friend of him asked to come to Hawaii to get him ready to compete at a wrestling camp in the island. According to Ben, Katie was was a Hula dancer he was working out with this friend. they added that Ben and Katie planned to get married in Hawaii in August, 2011. Same story was at Bleacherreport.

At  MMAWeekly I read that he met his girlfriend while training at the MMA Lab in Arizona, which he now owns. At this site mmasocialites. it said that on Christmas of 2009 Ben got engaged to Katie, their wedding was planned for November 2011. This site also stated that Kate is a occupational therapist.

“For example his pending wedding. Yep, sorry ladies Ben is ‘taken’. Over the Christmas holiday he got engaged to his girl Katie. Mind you the wedding isn’t until November OF NEXT YEAR but because Ben is so focused and a hard worker, he’s already created their wedding website and picked the music. He said “I wanted to be a part of the planning process and figured this is when I’m available to do my part. I’m going to begin training for my next fight soon and know I won’t have as much time to help out.” You can hear the excitement in his voice. And what a great team they’ll make. She’s currently going to school to be an occupational therapist!”

And so after more research I found that Katie’s full name is  Katie O’Gara.

Katie O'Gara Ben Henderson ex girlfriend photoKatie O'Gara Ben Henderson ex girlfriend picKatie O'Gara Ben Henderson ex girlfriend

But unfortunately she is no longer dating Henderson. I think Katie is not married and goes by the name of Katie Kenui her husband or  partner is Josh Moreno and this March they welcomed their son Zane. In fact her hometown is Kihei, Hawaii, she graduated from Baldwin High School in Wailuku, Hawaii in 2005 and currently resides at Glendale, Arizona. Katie has two siblings Chris and Jenny.

No worries Ben is not  single either, his girlfriend is Maria Magana I guess she is Latin so probable the correct way to write her name is Maria Magaña a wrestler not Maria Magna. Find out more about Ben’s girlfriend Maria at SlimCelebrity.

Maria Magana Ben Henderson girlfriend photoMaria Magana Ben Henderson girlfriend picMaria Magana Ben Henderson girlfriendBen Henderson girlfriend Maria Magana

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