January 17, 2021

Kevin Undergaro is Maria Menounos Boyfriend

We have seen stunning Maria Menounos rocking her bikini body in Miami these days, but we also had the pleasure to see her gorgeous boyfriend

Television personality Maria Menounos and boyfriend Keven Undergaro at the beach in Miami Beach_ FL on New Year_s Eve.<br /><br />
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Pictured_ Maria Menounos<br /><br />
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Picture by_ Pichichi _ Splash News_BR__<br /><br />
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London_	870_934_2666_BR__<br /><br />
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For all of Maria Menounos male fans to know that she is dating is not such a good news, but for her female fans it is great to know that this gorgeous, hard working girl has a cute boyfriend by her side. His name is Kevin Undergaro and yes people he is HOT!!!

So what is Kevin Undergaro’s story?

He and Maria have been dating for a couple of years he is a producer, writer and director, actor, editor, composer and even costume designer. Some of his work credentials includes..

In 2006 Kevin Undergaro was a producer and director at Longtime Listener and Fwiends.com which he also wrote. In 2007 he was an writing, producing, directing, designing and acting in the Land Of Misfits Toys.

The following year Kev worked on the short film Operation Shock and Awe…some and last year we saw him as a director, producer, writer at Serial Buddies starring Scott Amico, Paul Ashton and Beth Berh

Kevin and his beautiful girlfriends are also business partners, together they also created their charity TAH— Take Action Hollywood

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