October 23, 2020

Kristen DeWitt- Nickelback Chad Kroeger’s ex-Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

According to Kristen DeWitt, she dated the Nickelback lead singer for a couple of yeas until they split up this May, to find out he recently got engage to Avril Lavigne makes DeWitt believe he cheated on her with Avril or did he cheated on Avril with Amber? either way he probably dated both at the same time.

Kristen DeWitt Chad Kroeger ex girlfriend picture

First let’s heard the dirt, courtesy of Radar Online..

37-year-old Chard Kroeger the Canadian lead singer for Nickelback was dating to fellow Canadian Marianne Goriuk, they separated on Sept. 2009.

Marianne Goriuk Chad Kroeger ex-girlfriend

Then dated Amber DeWitt a sexy blonde from Ohio. A source close to her said that for years they became everyone’s favorite couple but then just a few months ago they began to have some trouble with their relationship, to the point that they agreed to split up.  So until this point everything seems fine.

“Chad and Kristen were happily dating until they made a mutual split in May. His engagement to Avril completely caught Kristen off guard and the timelines don’t match up. Chad had to have been seeing Avril behind Kristen’s back.”

Not so much really when Kristen read about Chad engagement to Avril Lavinge, where did that came from? I know we all said the same thing.

Kristen DeWitt Chad Kroeger ex girlfriend-pic

The news revealed two days ago said that Chad and Avril got engaged in August 8th, they have been dating under the radar for a few months, rumors began when they were spotted on a date in May.

Amber was shocked! did he cheated on her? She mentioned that on her Twitter which is here

Kristen DeWitt Chad Kroeger ex girlfriend pic

Here is a little bio on Amber DeWitt..

She was born on June 24th, 1985 in Ohio some people said she is from Damascus, OH. Graduated in 2003 from West Branch High School in Beloit, OH. Currently resides in Salem, Ohio.

Kristen DeWitt Chad Kroeger ex girlfriend picsKristen DeWitt Chad Kroeger ex girlfriend picturesKristen DeWitt Chad Kroeger ex girlfriend photo

I’m not sure about whether or not this is true, but it was rumored that /chad cheated on Marianne with Kristen, if that was the case, then Kristen must have known what she could expect, as for Avril, Do you think she should reconsider getting married to Kroeger?

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