October 20, 2020

Kristine Donahue Tim McGraw Baby Mamma!

Do they look familiar to you?? Well I have to admit the picture below was taken a few years back believe it or not that is country singer Tim McGraw and his ex-fiancé Kristine Donahue with whom they have a kid together??

tkristine donahue nad tim mcgraw

Well the 90’s might not be the best look for Tim but that doesn’t change the fact of the super star he is and his fairy tale relationship with of course the stunning Faith Hill.

But since we all have a past and as hard as we tried to deny it sometimes, its always there; that seems to be the situation here the past has caught up with the 25 year old super star and now he suddenly has a son?? What a bomb! specially to his wife! I mean they  have had 16 years of wedded bliss how can he hide something this big to someone you are supposed to have shared everything before!!

But hey I’m not the one to judge after all the alleged “secret son” 23 year old Tyler Zarbo is not his biological son! Even a bigger reason not to hide this! Don’t you think! Apparently Zarbo has had some law encounters.

Thinking about it it is actually something really commendable on Tim side having kept in touch with Kristine’s son Tyler.

When Hill and McGraw first got to know each other, she was the opening act on their aptly named 1996 Spontaneous Combustion tour, that was the same year Tim had broken off his engagement to Kristine; one’s lost another’s gain right!

McGraw helped raise Tyler during the time he was engaged to his mother and after the couple split he stayed in touch with him so he hid this relationship from everyone…What would yo do/say if you were in Faith’s place? Is it something that is in the department of “we’ll work it out” or you think we might see divorce written all over …Who knows Kristine never got married maybe he kept a close relationship with her as well???

I don’t see it would be such a big deal after their relationship was way back unless we start finding other stuff…we never know.

kristine and sontylerMcGraw-Hilltim mcgrawtim and wife

One thought on “Kristine Donahue Tim McGraw Baby Mamma!

  1. this is my auntie kristine!!!! im her neice!!! Tim and my aunt are NOT together anymore. Tyler is my cousin and he is NOT Tims biological son!

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