January 18, 2021

Marc Mezvinsky & Chelsea Clinton Welcome Daughter Charlotte!

Charolotte Mezvinsky came into the world on Saturday, her mother former first daughter Chelsea Clinton happily tweeted. This makes former President Bill Clinton and the former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton grandparents, as their only child, 34, is now a new mom. Congratulations began pouring in from around the country and world, this is big news in the world of politics. Now only is Clinton a daughter or political royalty, her husband Marc is too.Marc Mezvinsky Chelsea Clinton Welcome Daughter Charlotte wiki bio photos

The Mezvinsky’s have quite a history of political dalliances. Marc’s father Edward Mezvinsky was a Democratic Congressman from Iowa for two terms in the 70’s. However he fell from grace in 2002 when he plead guilty to several counts of fraud. He swindled family and friends to the tune of 10 million dollars, and served a five year sentence in a federal prison. Marc Mezvinsky Chelsea Clinton Welcome Daughter Charlotte wiki bio photos 2Marc’s mother who divorced Ed in 2007. Marjorie Margolies was also a Congresswoman for one term. She also had a career as a journalist for NBC News. Marc Mezvinsky Chelsea Clinton Welcome Daughter Charlotte wiki bio photos 3

Margolies was trying to get back in the political saddle this year, with the Clinton’s campaigning for her in Pennsylvania. She lost her bid in the primary to Brenden Boyle. Marc Mezvinsky has described himself as “A Nerdy Jewish boy from Philadelphia”. He comes from a large family of 10 siblings. Mezvinsky and Clinton have known each other since they were children when they  became fast friends. Their romance blossomed when both of them were students at Stanford University in California. Bill Clinton famously walked his daughter down the isle in Rhinebeck, New York in July of 2010. The two became a couple in 2005, and became engaged over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009. He is an investment banker, and some have been speculating on how the couple are able to live the rather lavish lifestyle they do. For instance in March of 2013 the couple bought a 10.5  million dollar condominium in the very trendy neighborhood of Gramercy Park in New York City. Chelsea Clinton now works for the Clinton Foundation, a non profit organization that address the needs of under developed  countries all over the world. She was hired on as a special correspondent for NBC News in 2011. She was with the network until August 2014. She reportedly earned $600,000 per season.

Marc Mezvinsky is reportedly working for the hedge fund GE Capitol. He was an investment banker for Goldman Sachs prior to that. Bill Clinton is said to be very fond of his son-in-law, and called him “a fine human being”. There have been some rumblings of marital strife for Clinton and Mezvinsky in 2011. Marc took a sabbatical that lasted several months in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at a ski lodge. People were speculating that there was trouble in paradise, when he was gone for so long so early in the marriage. Apparently they were able to make amends for now. The couple welcomed their daughter into the fold on Saturday with Chelsea saying “Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.” Mother and daughter are reportedly doing very well!

Donna Thomas

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