October 27, 2020

PHOTOS: Maria DiToro Greg Kelly Accuser

A few weeks ago we heard the story of a woman claimed she was raped by TV anchor Greg Kelly last year, the claimed was made by her boyfriend, but something about her accusations didn’t fit, at the end the case fell but not without revealing this woman’s name, she is Maria Di Toro and this is her story.

Greg Kelly rape accuser Maria Di Toro pics

43 year-old Greg Kelly Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, Good Day New York host and former White House correspondent who as we all know happens to be New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly son was accused of rape on January 25th by Maria Di Toro, Ms. Di Toro said that on October 8th she and Kelly met for drinks at Jeremy’s Ale house in South Street seaport, then they went to her Law Firm Offices [because her beau was at home] where she allegedly passed out and he [Kelly] raped her. She said she became pregnant from the attack and was forced to have an abortion. A source close to Di Toro said..

“Some time after … she says she called him. She’s angry and she says something to the effect of, ‘What happened? Why’d you do that? She says she was out of it that night, woozy, when it happened.”

Maria Di Toro and the T.V Anchor exchanged several text messages, it is believed these were found by her 40 something boyfriend who confronted Commissioner Kelly at a public event.

“Your son ruined my girlfriend’s life,”

He didn’t want to elaborate and the commissioner asked him to write a letter but he never did , the (probably Mark Di Toro) following night Maria walked to the 13th Precinct stationhouse on E. 21st St. and report the alleged rape.

Greg Kelly  showed text messages between him and Maria, these messages although were not revealed were flirtatious from both of them including one where Maia asked him to get together again, since he claimed the sexual encounter was consensual, the texts were a big aid to his defense. The rape charges on Kelly were dropped on February 7th.

28 year-old Maria Di Toro daughter of a renown New york attorney, and sister of a  NYPD sergeant (Maybe Sergeant Mark Di Toro) works as a Legal Assistant at Cullen and Dykman LLP.

Greg Kelly and Model Sara Ziff spilt up six months ago.

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