October 19, 2020

Martin Kristen – Heidi Klum’s Bodyguard Affair (PHOTOS, wiki, bio, video)

Who is Martin Kristen? Martin Kristen is Heidi Klum’s Bodyguard. According to Heidi Klum’s ex-husband Seal, Martin Kristen and her bodyguard Martin Kristen began their affair while she was still with him, it was due to his accusation that tons of pictures of Heidi and Martin looking suspiciously close taken years ago have emerged, and the question remains did Heidi Klum cheated on Seal with her bodyguard Martin Kristen? who is Martin Kristen anyways?


Not long ago it was rumored Heidi Klum might have been dating Thomas Hayo her fellow judge at Germany’s Top model, but the recent photos taken of Heidi and her longtime bodyguard Martin Kristen suggest she might be dating him and not Hayo.

Nothing wrong with that, I guess but what Klum’s ex- hubby singer Seal had to say about them dating was the nasty stuff.

Martin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend-imagesMartin Kristen bodyguard pictureMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend picture

So Seal allegedly said that Heidi and Martin Kristen have been secretly dating even before they split up in January after seven years of marriage..


Seal — I Wish Heidi Wouldn’t ‘Fornicate with the Help’


Whilst I didn’t expect anything better from him, I would of thought that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help.


Heidi and Martin were caught with her parents and children in Sardinia looking very close and way too friendly.


Martin Kristen has been Heidi’s bodyguard for four years

Martin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard picMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend imageMartin Kristen Heidi Klun SealMartin Kristen bodyguard photoMartin Kristen bodyguard picturesMartin Kristen bodyguardMartin Kristen bodyguard Seal

Martin has been seen here out and about as well as working out in L.A and NY.

Martin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard photoMartin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard photosMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-affair-imagesMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-affair-photoMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-affair-photosMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-affair-picsMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend-picturesMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend picMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend-photoMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend-photosMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend-picMartin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard-picsMartin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard-picyuresMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard picsMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend-picsMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend-pictureMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-affair picsMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-affair-imageMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard pic

He is not married, not dating, no Facebook account so far and no Twitter or LinkedIn. Some say Martin Kristen’s age is of 45. He was with Heidi and Seal in Sardinia when she sunbathed topless remember? I am so sorry to say this but I think Heidi’s bodyguard is totally hot!

Martin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard-photosMartin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard-picsMartin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard-picturesMartin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard-photoMartin-Kristen-Heidi-Klum-bodyguard-boyfriend_imageMartin Kristen Heidi Klum bodyguard-pic

Heidi was a guest at Katie Couric’s show and while she was there she admitted she and Martin Kristen are dating. Check the video.

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  1. Seal accuses his ex of having an affair with the help while the two of them were married,but the way I see it is he must have been having some affairs of his own to let some bodyguard spend more intimate time alone with his wife and family than he was spending. DUH!!! Wait, Hold up a minute Heidi! I thought once you go Black you never go Back??

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