January 18, 2021

Alejandra Welsh Pena Is Kate Middleton’s Brother James Middleton’s Girlfriend (wiki, photos, bio)

Who is Alejandra Welsh Pena? Alejandra Welsh Pena is Kate Middleton’s brother, James Middleton’s girlfriend. So great to hear nothing scandalous or containing nudity about the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton, who today we heard has fallen for a  stunning girl named Alejandra Welsh Pena.. Want to hear more?

James Middleton girlfriend Ally Welsh Peña

Kate Middleton’s 25-year-old brother James who is also the youngest child Michael and Carole Middleton had is apparently no longer single, the cake making business who left his studies at Edinburgh University to get on his way to the cake business, these day James not only is in charge Cake kit but also owns the Nice Group London, Nice Cakes and Nice Wines. Young James  has been spotted in the company of a stunning brunette and no it was not Mischa Barton, she is dating this guy. James only supplied the actress with delicious cupcakes during the opening of Mischa’s Place her London boutique on Wednesday. The girl James was seen with was Ally Welsh Pena, also known as Alejandra Welsh Pena.

So far the info about Ally is that she is half Venezuelan and half English, considering she is also from Venezuela is not surprising  that she is into modeling, after all Venezuela is famous for their beautiful women who turned out in pretty good places at World Beauty pageants.

While there is zero evidence James and Ally are really an item, sources close to them keep gossiping about the evident attraction between them..

‘It’s a recent thing and early days.’ Another party guest added: ‘They seemed very comfortable in each other’s company. They arrived at the party late and stayed for a short while before heading off  to have dinner.”

“James had a lot of people to talk to but kept popping back to her side to see if she was OK. James jokes that the only girl in his life is his dog Ella, but he gets along with Ally.”


Alejandra Welsh Pena from Weybridge is the beautiful daughter of Mrs. Mayela Welsh from Merida, Venezuela and her husband Alastair Welsh from Dursley. Mr. Welsh studied at Oxford University, Leeds and the University of Strathclyde worked at the Lambak Kanan Vocational School in  Brunei and  at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates. As for his daughter Ally, she studied at Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School, she graduated in 2004, after that she enrolled at the English College in Dubai where she graduated in 2006. Ally has a younger sister Fernanda whose family and friends call Nandy.


Alejandra Welsh Pena James Middleton girlfriend picAlejandra Welsh Pena James Middleton girlfriend picsAlejandra Welsh Pena James Middleton girlfriend_pic

As for modeling Ms. Welsh Peña is or used to be part of Alison Bruce and Rosalyn Ramage’s model agency Colour Agency, she also worked as a booker assistant  for Matching Models.

James Middleton girlfriend AlejandraWelsh Peña bioBellow are more photos of James Middleton’s rumored girlfriend Alejandra Welsh Pena. Enjoy! she is quite lovely!

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