March 4, 2021

Megan Edwards Is Usain Bolt’s New Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Jamaican golden sprinter and World’s fastest man Usain Bolt is  no longer single, it has been reported that Usain felt madly in love with curvy Megan Edwards. They went out on several dates during the London Olympics. Want to know more?

usain bolt girlfriend 2012 megan edwards

According to the Sun Usain Bolt met young Megan Edwards during the London Olympics, he quickly began to send her flirty text messages that didn’t go unnoticed and then Megan send him flirty texts, until they went out on several romantic dates.

Usain Bolt  girlfriend 2012 Megan Edwards pic

Megan actually met Bolt three months ago when they were modeling Jamaican athletic gear at Cedella Marley’s catwalk along other athletes.

Usain Bolt  girlfriend 2012 Megan EdwardsMegan-Edwards_Usain_Bolt-GirlfriendMegan-Edwards_Usain_Bolt-Girlfriend-picMegan Edwards Usain Bolt girlfriend pic

But it was in London that they hooked up according to a witness who saw them together at the Movida club..

“It was crazy, everyone was trying to get a piece of him — especially the girls. But Usain only had eyes for one girl that night, and that was Megan. She was by his side all night.”

“Everyone was on great form, Usain was high-fiving the other athletes and posing for pictures as they drunk champagne. Megan was in her element and Usain introduced her to Lennox and Yohan and she had her picture taken with them.

“She’s really smitten with Usain. It’s nothing too serious at the moment as he’s jetting all over the world — but they are two adults having fun.”

Here is a little biography on Usain Bolt’s girlfriend in 2012 Megan Edwards.

22 year-old Megan Edwards was born in January 11th, 1990 in Dartford, Kent, London. She is currently a junior at Dartford Harriers Athletics club (U23). Some of Megan’s most remarkable records are:

Megan Edwards Usain Bolt girlfriend 2012-picsMegan Edwards Usain Bolt girlfriend 2012-pictureMegan Edwards Usain Bolt girlfriend 2012-pictures

In 2002  won the first place at the Reebok International XC series, in 2003 she placed 10th at the International XC championships in Ireland 4th at the Reebok international XC series in Cardiff, first at the Welsh XC Championships and at the Celtic Manor GP series, 2nd place at the West Wales Championship and at the Welsh championships.

In 2004 she placed 2nd at the AAA indoor champs in Birmingham, 10th place ESAA Individuals the following year and 6th at the ESAA Individuals.

Last year Megan was dating Matthew Lee from London, while Bolt was dating designer Lubica Slovak.

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Megan Edwards Usain Bolt Video

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