February 28, 2021

Megan Rossee Is U.S Swimmer Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Meet Megan Rossee she is well “was” U.S Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend, a waitress, model and according to sources close to Megan, she is not just a pretty face, but the kindest person on earth, luckily she is just as crazy in love as her beau is for her.

Megan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend photo

25-year-old Megan Rossee, have been dating Michael Phelps since January, they met at the Blok nightclub in Hollywood where she works as a bottle server, according to an unidentified source who confirmed the relationship, Phelps was not the only guy hoping to date the blonde beauty, Doug Reinhardt, Paris Hilton’s former flame was hoping to score with Megan but she chose Michael, wise choice girl!

“Michael and Megan have been an item since January,” a source said. “He met her in Blok nightclub – and despite advances from Paris Hilton’s ex Doug Reinhardt, she chose Michael. Megan thinks Michael is very funny, kind-hearted, loves hanging out with him and is just as athletic. She loves to keep in shape, so they have a lot in common.”

“She was with him in Omaha, cheering him on at the Olympic trials and has been playing the part of devoted fan and girlfriend. Michael was desperate for her to see more of the world, so he decided that she should join him in London for the Olympics.”

“He’s also hoping that eventually she quits her nightclub job to go full-time on her modeling career. He hates that she still works at Blok. Michael is completely besotted with Megan and now that he’s retired is even thinking of popping the question,”

Bumped into Ms. Rossee’s Twitter which you can read here, sweet Megan has been tweeting all of her support and love to Michael non-stop..

Megan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend pic

Megan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend-picMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend-picsMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend pics

And what is the info about Phelps’ sexy girlfriend?

Megan Rossee from Cali stands at 5″’10, weights 125 lbs, gorgeous long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, perfect smile and a body to die for. She is a actress, model with experience in high fashion and t.v. She has been in the pages of magazines like In Vogue, California Apparel news, she has done some swimwear fashion shows and the doors keep opening for this stunning girl, Megan is currently in London with Michael.

You can check more of Megan at her website here.

And rumors said Michael and Megan called it quits after on New Years, although this news has not been confirmed, Megan and Michael’s tweets suggest they have indeed broken up.

Michael Phelps Megan Rossee splitMegan Rossee

Megan Rossee’s Photos and video below

Megan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend photosMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend pictureMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend_photoMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend picturesMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend_imageMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend_picsMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend_picMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend_pictureMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend-photosMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend-photoMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend-pictureMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend-picturesMegan Rossee Michael Phelps girlfriend_images

Megan Rossee Video

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