October 27, 2020

Melissa Guzman Cotto is Boxer Miguel Cotto Wife

Meet Melissa Guzman also known as Melissa Guzman or Melissa Cotto and yes she is Puerto Rican Boxer Miguel Cotto’s wife and mother of his children, check her out!

Melissa Guzman Cotto Miguel Cotto wife pictures

Before we get started with Melissa Guzman’s biography allow me to tell you some quick information about her boxer..

31 year-old Miguel Cotto was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, he hold a record of 39 fights , 37 wins 7 of those he won by KO and just two losses the first against by KO in the 12 round to Antonio Margarito at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on July 26th, 2008 and the second against Manny Pacquiao on November 14th, 2009 also by KO during the 11th round.

Cotto got his revenge against Margarito on Saturday December 4th, 2011 when he defeated him in the 10th round at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, earning him the WBA “Super” light middleweight title.

As for Cotto’s wife Melissa Guzman life hasn’t been easy, pain, shame and more suffering have been in the public eye more than once in 2007 she and her husband separated, it was rumored he left her for another woman who he openly introduced as his girlfriend, sometimes exposing her to Melissa and Miguel’s children Luis Aquino, Alondra and Miguel III,

They got back together eventually, but things were still pretty hard  for Guzman.

Melissa Guzman stood up by her man when a woman identified as Martha L. Chacon Acevedo from Venezuela accused him of sexual harassment, she said she worked as an administrator at Melissa and her family’s home complex and after continuous sexual advances from Cotto she slept with him, but got fired after she ended up with their affair.

In an Spanish article posted by ESPN  Martha also sued Melissa because according to her it was because of Melissa’s jealousy that Guzman’s father in-law got her fired for  her job

The legal documents are here

As for Melissa Guzman support for her hubby’s career we can tell you that Melissa cries in all of his fights, I can’t still remember her and her children in tears at his fight against Pacquiao, at that fight this is what she said..

“It was something we did not expect. Not so much by the defeat because this is something he can recover again. But by the blows, because you know the pain and sacrifices made in life and your health is more important” mostly she was worried because if her children’s face by looking at their father .

“He worships his father,” she told her son “Daddy was going to be fine, that daddy was going home after that,” she recalled. “But they were watching the fight regardless of what I say,” to this little Miguel replied “ Daddy is not right. Daddy’s not coming.” “That was me, because that fight was always going to be recorded and it really was very difficult”.

At the end she said “Miguel is going to replace the defeat and will come stronger.” Melissa and her son left the arena during the eighth round unable to continue to watch the brutal fight.

Melisa Guzman and her hubby created his non-profit foundation that helps children and teenager in their fight against obesity, the foundation is called El Angel.

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