February 26, 2021

Melissa Lopez Green Bay Packers Sam Shields Girlfriend (Pic)

Check Melissa Lopez until recently she used to share a bed and roof with Green Bay Packers Sam Shields, but Lopez now is homeless, shields threw her out of his home in the middle of the night because she was  not pretty anymore and he met somebody else.

Sam Shields Girlfriend Melissa Lopez pic

Sounds cold and low, but according to Radar Online 24 year-old Sam Shields told his live in girlfriend and fiancée he didn’t like her anymore and that he met somebody else, so he wanted out of his home..

“He woke her up in the middle of the night, threw $300 at her and totally out of the blue ordered her to get out immediately. He just told her he didn’t like her anymore.

“He told her that he had met someone else and she had to get out, right then and there. She gathered what she could and left and then lived out of her car for months and stayed on friends’ couches whenever she could.”

26 year-old Melissa Lopez from Miami, Florida (according to this profile she is a actress)dated Shields for three years, sources close to her said she was by his side before he  score that multi million dollar contract with Green Bay, she stood by his side even thought he lied about not having more children with other women, and still after a pregnant girl claimed she is carrying his child.

After he threw her out the first time, he  changed his mind and told Melissa she could moved back at least until the leased was over in July, but he  threw her out once again and told her he changed his mind yet again and wanted her out immediately. Melissa is once again homeless, her income is not enough to takeover the lease.

“Today he just showed up at the apartment with a moving truck — just out the blue — and moved all of the furniture and everything out of the home,” the source revealed.

“He hardly even said a word to her. He just ignored her and helped the movers get everything out. When she asked him what she was supposed to do or where she was meant to go he was just cold and said, ‘I don’t know.’

“Melissa doesn’t have any family there. She just knows the other football wives and girlfriends so it’s complicated. He had totally given her the impression that they were going to get back together.”Melissa has had to deal with a lot from him. He had told her that he only had two children. But she later found out he actually has three and maybe another one on the way as there’s a girl in Green Bay who is pregnant and wants him to take a paternity

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3 thoughts on “Melissa Lopez Green Bay Packers Sam Shields Girlfriend (Pic)

  1. What’s sad about this is she was just dumb 25. And he was too young to be engaged. Especially when he just got new money. He should be hoeing around. But you still don’t treat people like trash. Not nice at all.If he told her she could stay until July so she can get her finances together, he shouldn’t have pulled the rug out from under her. Just not decent.

  2. I PERSONALLY know this girl and Sam and let me go ahead and clarify this non-sense story that they just wanted hits on:

    She did not want to work and constantly kept asking for more and more such as her own new car, etc.

    Its unbelievable how these crappy gossip sites change the stories!!! WOW

  3. I PERSONALLY know this boy and Melissa. Let me clear it up…

    Melissa has a degree and was working. She didn’t have a car bc her car broke down so he offered her one. There is nothing wrong with Melissa using his resources if he is telling her that she can use his resources. It isn’t like she wasn’t trying to get her own. That is what she was working towards.

    The problem with this is that he didn’t keep his word. When you care about someone you don’t just leave them for dead. Understandable if he wanted to move on, but unacceptble the way he did it. He gave her a date and totally changed the plans bc he felt like it. Who does that to someone thy love or once wanted to mary???

    You can say she should have been independent but it was what Sam asked of her. He asked her to come and stay with him and use HIS resources and that is what she did. She took his word bc she was inlove with him and tried to gather her own resources (not the fastest process when you start at zero).

    I hope thy both learn from this and grow from it.

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