March 4, 2021

Michelle Cound is Chris Froome’s Girlfriend

We have come to know some South African beauties with strong personalities, Charlize Theron, Princess Charlene of Monaco an d now comes Michelle Cound who was not afraid to express her frustration when her boyfriend Chris Froome’s team SKY told him to wait for Bradley Wiggins so he could win the Tour de France.

Michelle Cound Chris Froome girlfriend_photo

Sky’s WAG War featuring Michelle Cound and Bradley’s wife Cath Wiggins caused quite a commotion among people on Twitter and sports reporters at the Tour de France, you can read about that here. Like any other girlfriend who fully supports her man, Michelle  was in all her right to tweet whatever the hell she wanted. I am sure you want to read her tweets, here is one..

“If you want loyalty, get a Froome dog… a quality I value… although being taken advantage of by others!”

“Team work is also about giving the people around you, that support you, a chance to shine in their own right,”

And want to know about Ms. Cound. you are lucky we know quite a few things about her..

Michelle Cound studied computer programming at Van Zyl & Pritchard, then in 2004 studied Java and Object orientated Design at Guruhut, and four years later became a CSF Designer at Document Solutions.

Michelle’s skills are in systems analysis, business intelligence, software development, SharePoint, SQL, Database, business process, IBM iSeries, Microsoft SQL Server.

From March 2002 to April 211 she served as a systems developer at Momentum, after that she moved to SSP, Early this year she was an analyst developer at Investec.

At Monaco where she resides she is a director at the South African platinum mining company Ingonyama Platinum which opened its doors on January 2009, two years ago she funded where she serves as a website programming as well as a photographer.

Scroll down for Michelle Cound photos .

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