March 3, 2021

Michelle Rosenthal Bruce Jenner’s High School Love Interest shocked!

News outlets are buzzing about the private life of Bruce Jenner, a past girlfriend Michelle Rosenthal is sharing her memories of the former Olympian. Jenner,65, already taped an interview with news veteran Diane Sawyer. The two hour highly anticipated interview is set to air on ABC Friday evening. Jenner has been in the national spotlight since 1975 when he won an Olympic gold medal for ┬áthe Decathlon. Shortly after winning he was dubbed “the world’s greatest athlete.” Jenner went on parlay his Olympic sucess into lucrative endorcement deals, and also had a robust private life. His first of three wives Crystie Crownover, stood by his side and supported him, while he trained for the Olympics. Sometimes Crownover worked three different jobs, to pay for the their living needs and Jenner’s training. The couple had two children, Burt and Casey, the pair divorced in 1981.

Before his first marriage, there was high school and Jenner who was just good at any sport. Former friends, colleagues and others are now reacting to Jenner’s stunning news that Jenner wants to live his life as a woman and go through the entire medical process to change his gender.

Jenner was a high school standout when it came to sports, his former sometimes date Michelle Rosenthal has also been sharing her memories of the Bruce Jenner that she knew. Rosenthal appeared on the news magazine show ‘Inside Edition’. She said she kissed and danced with Jenner at a high school dance at Newton High School in Connecticut.

When addressing the transition, she said ” I would never have thought that in a million years. When it came out in the paper that he was going through this, I think everybody is really shocked.” Rosenthal went to a few dances with Jenner, and they attended their senior prom together. She was asked about her thoughts on Jenner and this big life altering experience. She said she wishes him the best and hopes he finds true happiness.

Rosenthal has not had any contact with Jenner for over four decades. She did say that she watched Jenner’s reality show that he appears in with his family. She said “The Bruce that I remember was happy go lucky kind of guy, that was always happy and treated people well. The few times I’ve seen him on the TV show, he just doesn’t look happy.” Of their prom night Rosenthal said they danced close and kissed, and Bruce seemed to enjoy it.” The promos for the 2 hour Sawyer interview, do not explicitly confirm that Jenner is going to fully transition into a woman, it leaves a lot of speculation roaming about.

Jenner has been married three times, after his divorce from Crownover, he married former Miss Tennessee and Elvis Presley girlfriend Linda Thompson. Jenner and Thompson had two sons together, Brandon and Brody Jenner. The couple parted ways with a divorce in 1984 after only 3 years of marriage. He would remain single for 7 years marrying Kris Kardashian in 1991 after only dating her for four months. The pair had two daughters Kylie and Kendal Jenner. Kris and Jenner filed for divorce in 2014 and was finalized in 2015.

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