October 20, 2020

Nadia Lanfranconi Is Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend. (PHOTOS)

According to recent reports Mel Gibson is not single anymore, he is allegedly dating the young singer Nadia Lanfranconi. who is by the way 27 years his junior. Want to know more about her? Read Nadia Lanfranconi’s bio and  don’t miss her photos and video after the jump.

Mel Gibson dating Nadia Lanfranconi pic

29-year-old sexy Italian singer Nadia Lanfranconi is not just into singing and writing songs, she is also one hell of a painter, she has been passionate about music and art since childhood. Nadia was born in Lake Como, Italy.By the time she was 17 she created her first all-girls music band which she describes as a total disaster.

But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream, she got serious and began learning more, in 2004 she was ready and began her own project, two years later she was writing songs in English and by 2007 she was moving to Cali, where she enrolled at School of Hard Knocks in Frisco.

Bad Story her first EP was recorded in 2007, soon L.A was hungry for more on Nadia and not just musically speaking, Lanfranconi has been in several t.v commercials for expel Taco Bell, Need For Speed, West Hollywood and Motorola.

Soon she was acting, in 2009 she starred in Raven, the following year she was a guest at Chuck as Cassandra Meadows, and as a model for the t;v series Hair Battle Spectacular and as Zola in the film Theft by Deception.

In 2011 Nadia’s pretty agenda put he on the movie Fully Loaded, Tomorrow’s End as Cheri, a crying lady in the short film Innocence, How Have You Been?, Cornered, and certainly more television Car Science, 1000 Ways to Die, Joe and MJ. She has also been a host for E! Wild On Italia.

This year is looking pretty good for Ms. Lanfranconi She will portrayed Natasha in the film Darling Nikki and Francesca in The Obsession, she already starred as Karen in Book of 1000 Deaths and let’s not forget she might get more attention now that she has been romantically connected to Mel Gibson, so how this that happened?

According to the DailyMail Mel and Nadia were spotted having dinner and looking pretty cozy with each other at Grove shopping center.

Nadia Lanfranconi Photo Gallery

Mel Gibson dating Nadia Lanfranconi picsMel Gibson dating Nadia Lanfranconi pictureMel Gibson dating Nadia LanfranconiMel Gibson dating Nadia Lanfranconi photo

Find Nadia Lanfranconi on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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