January 18, 2021

Nancy Sale Johnson is Ahmad Rashad Wife

Meet socialite and soon former NFL wag Nancy Sale Johnson aka sale Johnson and Sale Johnson Rashad, she is Ahmad Rashad’s fourth wife soon ex-wife who pulled all of her strings to banned the former NFL wide receiver from entering into their exclusive gated community in Jupiter, Florida.

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63-year-old Ahmad Rashad a University of Oregon graduate who began his career with the NFL in 1972 with the Cardinals of St. Louis, throughout his 10 years as a pro football player he played with the the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings. He retired in 1982 at the age of 33.

He has been married four times, his first wife was Deidre Waters in 1969, the mother of his eldest daughter Keva born a year later.

In 1976 he wedded his second wife Matilda Johnson mother of  two other children, his 36-year-old daughter Maiyisha and 34-year-old son Ahmad Jr, After the third divorce he  tied the knot to his third wife, Phylicia Ayers-Allen aka Phylicia Rashad December 14, 1985, she became famous for her role as Clair Huxtable in the Cosby Show,  they had one daughter together 26-year-old Condola Phylea Rash?d (an actress), he became the stepfather of Phylicia 40-year-old son William Lancelot Bowles III from her first marriage to William Lancelot Bowles, a dentist.

Ahmad and the famous actress divorced in 2001, three years later he was saying his fourth “I Do” with our girl Nancy Sale Johnson.

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Like Rashad Nancy got divorce in 2001 to Woody Johnson her husband of 14 years and father of her three daughters.

Nancy Sale Frey a former fashion model got married to the NY Jets’ owner and Johnson & Johnson’s co- founder in 1977. Sale Johnson had three daughter Casey who died in 2010 at the age 30, then came 29-year-old Jamie and 24-year-old Daisy. Nancy Sale and Woody Johnson got divorce in 2001, she got away with $100 million.

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After her daughter’s death she took Casey’s adopted daughter Ava into her care, eventually adopting her with her husband Ahmad Rashad, They got married in 2007, but as a smart girl, she and Ahmad had a pre-nup so he won’t be walking away with  a single penny from her after their divorce is finalized. They announced their split this month, she asked him to move out from their $5 million home and he tried to banned her from his country club.

At the end it was Sale Johnson who kicked him out by the back door, Yikes!!

Sale cut Ahmad off from all the clubs they’re members of, and had the fob that gets him through the guard gate at the Bears Club deactivated,” the source said. “Actually, he got through and went to the clubhouse. But the guards asked him to leave and escorted him out.

“Ahmad and Sale are not on speaking terms right now. Things are being done through lawyers. They barely had a marriage anyway. He’s always gone with the basketball thing.”

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  1. 4 marriages, that’s insane, he neds to date from now on. Obviously he is not marriage material.

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